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I’m going on a temporary-ish Shenanigan Recess/Haitus/break from “Hard Core” blogging. I’ll still be blogging, just not as often and as much in depth stories as I’d like. I’ve been slacking this last month and I need to call attention to it.

Currently I’m balls to the wall trying to get TidBits: A Choice Morsel (FroYo & Treats) up and running full throttle.  Between TidBits and work it’s been hard to remember what I ate for lunch, let alone a good juicy funny to share with you all.  Let’s put it this way, my hair has suffered dearly. I have roots that are three inches unacceptable and a mane that could be mistaken for a horse.  I need time to get a haircut, then I can blog about the disaster & tears that will follow.

I’ll definitely post updates, random bits of information or things that catch my attention, perhaps even a funny if worthy of the adventures in Shawnanigans title.  However, they will be spontaneous and sporadic for the next couple weeks.

But continue to check in often as you never know what you’ll find;)  My twitter is constantly updating so make sure to follow me or check in to the TidBits blog page for the updates on the side bar.

Don’t leave me – just be patient for the time lapse that may happen in between. When I dangle free batches of brikkle and FroYo you’ll be quick to forgive. 🙂

I’ll be keeping you posted soon!


SO tidbits


Collar Me Pretty & Hiking My Way To A Foodie Paradise!

The other day we (Roxy and I) got the most awesome package from our Bestest (Suzanna & Razzle). I think it’s safe to say that it was a prezzy for Roxy for MY 30th bday.  That bitch is always stealing my thunder. 😉 I guess Razzle didn’t want Roxy to feel left out of the spotlight, heaven forbid. Can I just say (again), It is the most awesome hand painted/embossed gorgeous leather collar. Susan’s sister, Nicole, owns the shop – Four Robins – where she custom makes all different kinds of hand crafted leather dog collars! So freshy cute.  They size them perfectly to fit the girth (such an obnoxious word but it was fitting-ish) of your pupster’s neck! We Love Love Loved. Roxy will be rocking her sugar skulls like you wouldn’t believe. Putting the Rox in Roxstar!
Check her stuff out if you have pups!

Hand painted Sugar Skull Collar - Four Robins, Ltd.

On that note, I’m uber excited to take Roxy hiking up Fryman so she can showcase her new collar.  It’s a fantastic & new favorite hiking spot.  I’m pretty sure it’s only new to me – which has had me kicking myself that I’ve spent the 1-2 years stuck in a Runyon rut. Although it’s quick and easy and was fun at first – Runyon isn’t really as ‘amazing’ as it’s cracked up to be.  I say that now – HA!  I suppose It’s partially because I take the boring part, that being said – again – it might just be me.  A few weeks ago my twin (Amy) told me about her awesome hike up Fryman in Studio City.  We went last weekend and BAM!  It had me at beautiful trees, wide looping trail, gorgeous views all around, an intermix of moderate and intermediate levels, the LACK of urine, dust, mobs of annoying people & off leash dogs plowing into me…Runyon is a thing of my past.  HELLO to FRYMAN HIKE!  It rocked.  A nice cherry on top was being spit out into a neighborhood of gorgeous homes on a tree lined street that I didn’t even know existed in LA.  It felt like I was in Northern California again.  Sigh of delight.

Amy stretching w/Frank-Kay b4 Fryman Hike last weekend

Me and Amy halfway point at Fryman last weekend.

Tomorrow morning my memories of last weekend’s hike-a-pades, will soon become a reality again. I have a date hike w/Twin (Amy) and Frank-kay!  YAY!  A gorgeous calorie burn with our pups and hanging with a besty- can’t beat that.

And then, let there be cake…cake ingredients…or any baking/cooking ingredients of the sort.   I’ll finally be hitting SURFAS in Culver City to go check out their packaging supplies so I can package up my brikkle & Fro.  I have a few other specialty items on my list like cheesecloth and coffee extract and from what I hear, I’ll end up with a lot more than what’s on my list if I’m not careful.   Brandy told me that I had to check this place out, ‘divine’ she said.  It’s been hard to get over there – Culver City is so close yet so far away.  So I’m really excited to finally check it out and start the creative packaging ideas flowing for TID BITS: A Choice Morsel; which by the way – has locked on a logo.  Woot woot.

Getting back to Surfas…it’s a hybrid store that caters to restaurants, gourmet foodies, and home chefs.  Bulk spices are ridiculously cheap, and there is also an extensive selection of professional bakeware along with kitchen appliances. Chocolates, cheeses, cured meats… I’ve been told that this is a great place to go to if you are making cupcakes, candies, favors, for weddings, baby showers, or bridal showers.  I wish I would have known that when I was juggling the bridesmaid duty in 5 weddings last year – wah wah.   I’m so excited to go there as they also have a cafe (looks divine) to break and feed our bellies, a test kitchen where they have classes/demonstrations galore and I can’t wait to find all those specialty chocolates and cheeses that are damn near impossible to get anywhere else.  The jackpot will be hit –  you betcha by golly.

The word on the street is that this place is dangerous…for your wallet!  Uh oh.  Go with a list and a friend to help lock it up and regulate – that’s what I am doing.  I plan to hopefully report back with good finds & Adventures in TidBits Shenanigans.  Until then, enjoy your weekend – I know I will be 🙂

These CHEEKS Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet!


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Since I’m counting down the days to my Dir-Tay 30 (2 to be exact), I thought it was only fitting to revisit an old blog post that still holds strong!  It tells the tail of 2 cheeks and how they’ve kept it together for 30 years and counting.

It’s Time to Get Cheeky!

For an interesting and perhaps amusing read, check out the post below. If it’s for the first time around or for a second go, enjoy!



Thong The Thong Thong Thong!

Posted on June 11, 2010 by sotidbits

Dumps like a truck truck truck
Thighs like what what what
Baby move your butt butt butt
Let Me See That THONGGGG…..

I often feel like the only person that will not give in to the Thong! Call me crazy, old school, granny panty wearer, whatever! I like to know that those cheeks are held in tight, secure and are not left to have a mind of their own. Baby got back and I’ve got to ensure that the booty stays in tact. I even don’t care what kind of panty line may show, regardless of working out/formal event/night on the prowl, bring on the panty line!
All that being said, I was given some Thong action for my bday. And no, not from a hot sexy significant other. More like a friend possibly hinting that I may need to tap into a more sexy, spontaneous, get some action side of me. Well, let me tell you, those babies have stayed perfectly crisp and new in my drawer. UNTIL……
…Last night!!! This is how it happened, basically, I’m at the end of my clean underwear. I have only a few left. And those few, are being saved for those upcoming events and night on the town where I need to lock them in tight and keep those cheeks in check! Yes, I could just do my laundry already but please…Laundry is a pretty penny in my building so until I can make a big trip to the Fluff and Fold, I’m stretching what I have out as long as possible!
In this hour of desperation I stumble across the dreaded Thong. I’ve tried to wear prior and have only made it through 5 minutes of hell. Friends insist that there are certain kinds of thongs that make all the difference. Perhaps. Not on this ass. I’ve been open, I’ve listened to the arguments, I’ve forked over a few bucks and purchased that mini piece of fabric. NO BUENO! But I consider it. Maybe it’s like shrimp or mushrooms, where I kept trying and trying for years to like, and finally, it hits you – it’s AMAZING. So…..I tried again……
1. First, let’s just say for the record, my ass does not look good in a thong. I mean seriously. Seriously. No, Seriously! Mad props to those V-Secrets ladies, but after countless hours, days, years of working out and hiking, it has only made a difference in how good these girls (butt cheeks – I don’t have boobs) look in granny panties. I’m just sayin. True story.
2. I think I attempted to pick a wedgie for a good solid three hours.
SIDE NOTE – I did put these on a few hours before bed thinking I’d warm into them and get used to the feeling knowing I’d be asleep for most of it. Yeah, not so much.
3. The girls (butt cheeks) thought they had free reign. Honest, I got nervous to let my dog out for fear someone would catch a glimpse – and yes, I was wearing pants. I felt so naked, so exposed! And the girls were huge! I caught a glimpse in the mirror. Every so often, I would feel them give each other a high-five! WTF.
4. I continued to pick a wedgie through the night, I think I finally got to the point where I just moved “it” (aka-the thong) over onto one butt cheek. Ahhhh. Seriously relief and sleep!
Some people are not meant for the Thong TheThong Thong Thong! I feel like I try and try and I’m sure I’ll try again – but every time I make this attempt, a little piece of my Butt-Esteem is flushed down the toilet. I find myself having nightmares of the girls (butt cheeks) giving high-fives when I least expect it and I keep happening upon the lipo listings in the yellow pages. So for now I’d like to remain in my ignorant bliss….because I do believe my ass looks fab in those tight Gillian O’Malley granny panties with the super hot waistlines that keep those babies together, comfortable, perky. Done and Done!


A woman's mouth with lipstick

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Bright Now Whitening….RIGHT NOW…

Did you know – Century Romans used human urine imported from Portugal to whiten their teeth?  Seriously.  Now your thinking those Crest White Strips aren’t that bad.

Well actually, for most of us those Crest White Strips are a pain in the arse because you can’t talk and do normal things even though we all fearlessly attempt to do so – the generation of multi-taskers.  If your like me and are hell bent on walking the dog while the strips are on and then get stopped by the cute neighbor to chat it becomes a bit aWKward.  Trust;)  That’s not all, those suckers make my teeth uber sensitive.  Sensitive teeth mean issues with all things hot and cold.  And if you think about it, that means FroYo is going to be a big issue.  Not an Option!!! Okay, maybe I’m the only one that has this specific problem, but you get the picture.   So all this talk of FroYo, coffee and red wine is leaving me scared to smile.

Let’s cut to the chase.  My friend Andra and I are chatting on IM at work and she casually asks my opinion on some photo options for her new biz.  New Biz??  Come again?  Where have I been?  She’s been slaving all the live long day to get this thing up and running and managed to keep it on the DL.  Crafty yet smart.  I’m insanely stoked!

The Tid Bits:  It’s called Bright Now Whitening – it’s mobile whitening so she (awesome Andra) comes to you!  You had me at BRIGHT NOW!  7 shades lighter in 20 minutes, zero sensitivity and I can drink my white wine sitting on the couch watching the latest chick flick all at the same time…and FroYO??  YES PLEASE.  Pure Genius!  Especially because it’s much more affordable and convenient and my teeth don’t hurt!  I told her I wanted to bring her to my office – everyone would love it.

And honestly, I can’t afford $500 dentist office visits  for these pearly whites and forking over the dough for the strips that I forget to use is a giant waste of money.

Then I get a call from one of our mutual friends inviting us all over to her house so Andra can show us what it’s made of.  AWESOME.  It really does work.  Really.  And we really sat around drinking white wine, eating FroYo (courtesy of moi) and getting our teeth whitened.  She sent me home with a whitening pen that ROCKS.  Love love love.

I don’t have the pricing packages because I’m too impatient to wait for it and I wanted to post.  But give her a call at (800) 267-7608 and check out her site:

Host home or office parties and she’ll give you a discount and/or free teeth whitening. Tell her yours truly sent you 😉  If nothing else, Andra is hilarious and awesome – she’ll keep you entertained while your making those pearls sparkle.  DO IT!  You will seriously be happy.  7 shades happier.

For your viewing pleasure I’m providing some pics and a fun video link of our teeth whitening shenanigans party! Enjoy!

Andra working her magic on Daylens teeth

Andra and Daylens wife, Amy, refill while Daylen whitens.

Would you like some Wine with your whitening??! Yes please!

Andra and Sarah hug it out

Daylen relaxin!

Makeover or Makeunder

Trying out some new face lifts for the blog.  I have two more in mind.  What are your thoughts on this one?


Work it!

I have a little bit of an obsession (no it’s not just Fro Yo) it’s with all things food and exercise which has me constantly searching out and successfully retaining random Tid Bits of information.  There’s only so much I can blab to my friends and family about before they want to sock me. Except for Amy-my Twin, but that’s because she’s just like me, however, much taller and not as crazy 😉  Whom, btw, will soon be co-blogging food and fitness Fit Bits on TidBits – so stay tuned. So since my friends and family are constantly telling me to quit my jibber jabber (yes, that was a Mr.T reference) and because I’m single and ready to mingle, I’m basically left with my dog or my blog.  And let’s face it, my dog pretends to care but I can sense she doesn’t want to hear it – plus, I’m not one of those dog owners;). And since my pup has been straddling the fluffier side of the fence these days, I’m sure she doesn’t care about my stinkin’ FIT BITS

That being said, here’s some random fun TidBits that I’m throwing out into the blogosphere – catch it if you can.
#1. So you want to get lose a few lbs?  It’s hard to know how much you need to cut out or make sure to eat in order to drop it like it’s hot.   I’m a firm believer in sticking to a healthy lifestyle as a way of life instead of dieting just to lose weight for weight sake.  However, here is a basic formula that puts you in the ‘area’ of how many calories to eat to help get you losin. Remember, it varies by amount of exercise and each persons body type.
FIT BIT: Your weight x 18 – 500 = about how many calories you need to loose a pound a week – if exercising.
#2.  Need to stay on track with eating and exercise?  Want motivation and tips? Need a Fit tool that does it all for you? Done and Done!


FIT BIT: My absolute favorite app – hook line and sinker and perhaps has me more obsessed than Facebook is MYFITNESSPAL (also –  It helps me keep track of my calories/fat/carbs/protein, exercise, recipes and allows you to talk to network/friend other people on the site so you can share tips and motivation. Nothing’s more motivating then seeing a post that your bff  did 60 min of awesome cardio while you slept in – makes you want to get out of bed and one up that biatch 😉 Some friendly competition never hurt anyone.  It’s absolutely my favorite thing – I think I’m more disciplined with Myfitnesspal than I am with balancing my checkbook.  Knowing you can look up any food and see the nutrition info and track what you’ve eaten, input ingredients of a recipe and have it tell you the serving calories – all is very empowering and allows you to control what you put in your mouth.    Needless to say, I’ve gotten a ton of friends & co-workers (and guys) addicted to it as well.  Check out this great tool.
#3. Want to rev up your metabolism and lose weight?  DON’T SKIP BREAKY!!  You will hear it time and time and time again – EAT BREAKFAST.  It’s true.  I didn’t start to finally lose weight until I started eating breakfast.  Trust, I used to think it was awesome that I could hold out until 3pm to eat because I wasn’t hungry – until I realized it basically shuts down your metabolism – hindering you from losing weight!
FIT BIT: Regularly skipping breakfast increases the risk of obesity by 450%.  Yeah, how about them apples!
#4. Lifting Weights is KEY to losing weight – period.  No you will not look like the incredible hulk – well, if your lifting heavy amounts you might.  I’m prone to looking like the mini hulk (seriously) so I just make sure to keep it at 5-8lbs and do a lot of reps.  I was doing tons of cardio and the weight wasn’t coming off very fast – a turtle was burning more lbs then me. I thought lifting weights would make me thicker and weigh more. But when I noticed all the skinny bitches at the gym were, I took note.  Finally, I started eating breakfast and lifting combined with cardio and eating healthy.  The pounds started melting off.
FIT BIT: Weight training is an ultimate fat fighter.  Research shows a single weight training session can spike your calorie burn for up to 39 hours after you lift.  The more muscle you have, the better your body uses nutrients you consume and less likely to store food as fat.
#5. Eating your veggies doesn’t just make you taller (trust me I have first hand experience – all lies;)) However, here’s a fun FIT BIT: Did you know that carrots can clear up breakouts? Kinda cool huh.
Just don’t over do it or you run the risk of looking like an umpa loompa and they are also a veggie that’s high in sugar – too much and your calories will sky rocket.
#6. Wanting it isn’t enough. FIT BIT: You gotta do the work to lose the weight.  When you retrain your brain and have a different mindset – you’ll kick yourself when you realize it’s a lot easier than you thought to lose the weight.  All those times when you ask – how did you do it? What’s your secret?  There is none.  It really is basic math of what you put in your mouth and what you exert.  Put good things into your body and keep moving = Weightloss.  I struggled with that mindset as I did with the weight itself my whole life – be that 10lbs or the freshman 40 (they lied when they said it was only 30).  My dad would always say – “you gotta wanna and you don’t want it bad enough!” I wanted to smack him every time he said that – oh how I did! I wanted to lose the weight more than anything.  Then It clicked while watching Bob Greene on Oprah.  He said, you can want it all you want – but you HAVE TO BE WILLING TO DO WHAT IT TAKES to lose the weight.  That was my Ah Ha moment!
I can proudly say I’ve lost about 55lbs since 2004/2005 – it took over a year to really get a good chunk of it off – but officially 2007 was my golden year of getting to where I wanted.  I’ve kept it off for over 4 years and I live a healthy lifestyle full of good indulgences (okay, maybe my froyo addiction has gotten out of hand) but I will now always remain FIT 4 LIFE! If you ever need advice or more tools to help you to get Fit 4 Life – please post a comment!
Random FIT BITS from Mens Health, Women’s Health, Fitness and my basic experiences.

Can I getta SCOOP…

Baby take a ride in my coupe…you make me want to FRO YO, FRO YO, FRO YO!

Perhaps I’m bringing addiction to a whole new level. Perhaps, but I’m okay with that. If Carbo-lite  8 cals/oz Fro Yo deliciousness makes me happy, then so be it! There could be a lot worse things.

I think a huge part of my addiction is my fro yo dealer, Carmelita. She’s keeps me coming back – that and the fact that she always let’s me choose what new flavors she switches up and then there’s the awesome, I mean awesome tub of fro yo for such low calories (unlike most of the Frozen Yogurt Chains). It’s also a good feeling to know the owners of our local small businesses bond with their customers and actually care about them. Carmelita has turned into such a great friend – she knows when I’m having a bad day, gives me guy advice (which is – don’t date men in west hollywood ;)), asks how my day was and actually wants to hear the answer, lets me taste every flavor over and over again and most of all – doesn’t judge my Fro Yo addiction!  If you’re feeling the lick of deliciousness and want a friendly face – go visit Carmelita at Beverly Frozen Yogurt in shopping center on corner of Beverly & Crescent Heights.

Here’s my *BIT TIP – it’s good to have a BIT of soft serve at the shop, but I think it’s better & cheaper (get biggest size) and take it home and refreeze it.  Take it out about 5-10 before you are gonna eat or scoop out a few TidBits – it’s perfect.  Not too soft, a little icy, flavorful – PERFECTION.  I think refreezing taste better, eat slower and doesn’t hurt your tum tum.  I took it to the last girls night gathering – OMG – it was like crows attacking, caw caw caw!

I love my local Fro Yo joint and can’t wait to for my TidBits & Bites to bring my FroYo 2 GoGo to everyone in Los Angeles area. Keep your eyes peeled, I’ll be in my “mini” FroYo-2-GoGo Mobile. Come follow me on Twitter to witness my FroYo shenanigans first hand and much more – trust!!/SoTidBits

Until then (which will be soon), here’s some pics that show that THE PROOF IS DEFINITELY IN THE FRO YO!

**The flavors I chose today were: pistachio nut (by request), peanut butter (the best EVA), Maple Walnut, Almond nut**

FroYo Addiction

Don't judge my Fro-Yo addiction 😉

Couldn't decide so I got many: Pistachio, Peanut Butter, Maple Walnut, Almond Nut

At my favorite local shop w/Carmelita: Beverly Frozen Yogurt

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