Oh My Hell….

I’ve started a blog – why you ask – b/c the amount of information, thoughts and ideas that move through my head while putting my makeup on and getting Done for work in the morning – that play like a vibrant movie reel through my head – it’s a wonder I get anything done or out the door on time! Plus I think I’m pretty funny on a regular basis – I’m sure it’s just me laughing outloud to myself, but hell – sharing is caring ;).   So, why not jot it down (well actually I guess it’s typing – jotting is so passe, right?).  At least for my own creative outlet, knowledge of random information to share with the world and whatever nonsensical (mmmyeah, my own word – i do that a lot)  BS that comes out of my brain…..Did any of that make sense?  Prob. not, ok good! We’re moving on the right track.  And lastly, I figure if getting it out on a blog helps me unleash the beast here and save my friends/family a mouthful of my opinions/ideas/thoughts = chatter – then that’s FANTASTICALLY DELICIOUS!!!  I also must say I’m absolutely the biggest dork ever – a proud one for that matter – so bear (or is it bare? – nakey?haha) with me.  

This is what I’m thinking:  Showcasing MOI – my shiz, great low cal healthy recipes to share, a wealth of fashion/beauty tips, Dining reviews from LA’s supposed hip hot spots (I’ve made a point to visit at least one ravely reviewed LA hot spot a week), fun and fresh new phrases (i’m totally ok to loan out), the best of the best shopping boutiques to get the must-haves that not everyone HAS, Dog ideas/fun stuff, and…… massive amounts of other random news about my life/my surroundings/pet peeves/etc. – working in entertainment industry and living in LA a lots for that.  
So if no one ever looks at this, then I’m amusing myself at least.  Otherwise – to all my friends and family out of the area and in the area – now you can get the haps without so much chitter chatter 😉 who are we kidding- your still going to get an earful!!!
hugs not drugs 😉

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