Friday – now that should be the holy day

Thank God for Fridays – There’s just something magical about Fridays!  The sun shines a bit brighter, co-workers somehow get nicer and pretend to show interest in your weekend plans, annoyances fly out the window (well let’s be honest – we only pretend to not be annoyed) and thoughts float around like pretty butterflies in your brain of all the plans or lack there of that will be taking place over weekend! 

  • By mid day – HAVE U EVER HATED THE SOUND OF YOUR NAME????? If I heard…..SHAWNA….here you go SHAWNA, SHAWNA I have this and that for you, SHAWNA,  thanks so much SHAWNA… can one person say your name so much????Is it too much to hand me something or get me something, or ask me a question without uttering those two syllabols???  Don’t get me wrong, SHAWNA, is a pretty fantastic name – but c’mon!!!!!  Is it wrong to ask them not to say it???? Can I do that?  (what was i saying about annoyances going out the window or even pretending on Fridays – Well I guess that didn’t pertain to me whatsoever)  I almost threw an object from my desk at them!! In the nicest way possible.

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