Stay thin 101!!!


I discovered a great new trick to keep the weight off – Eat your meals naked!!!

Happened upon this great little discovery last night as I was making/eating dinner without my pants on.  Why wasn’t I wearing pants?
I was going out last night and needed to shrink or tighten up the jeans I had worn all day so they didn’t look so frumpy and baggy – I had no time – so being the multi-tasker that I am, I took my pants off, threw them in the dryer and continued making dinner.
Dinner is ready – pants are still in dryer, so I ate my dinner without pants on….let me tell you….there’s just something about being able to feel/see any flab and imperfections that just really makes you full!  Seriously!   Completely stuffed!  Put a fork in me – I’m done!!!  Literally (said in an english accent)
And what I want to know is – why do ads, tv commercials, shows/movies/etc., always show chicks in their underwear or w/pretty much nothing on – always eating or cooking something?  B/c they aren’t catering to me – b/c I don’t care how skinny – I’m not about to prance around in my undies while scarfing down a egg wrap full of delicious goodness….It’s like watching the calories go directly to your ass!! WHO DOES THAT!!!  I’m just saying…..
Not me, that’s for sure – well, actually – now that I discovered I was full after eating half my dinner – Hells bells maybe this will be a regular thing….Hello nakey goodbye bakey!!!

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