I can’t remember

So i had a great topic to talk about – or discuss with myself;) but I can’t remember – and if I could remember to take my Ginko Baloba – then maybe my memory would be better. What the heck….shit what did I need to say – and yes- it needed to be said and was that important – I only forgot b/c my mind is this rotating conveyor belt of mini movies and ideas – which may explain why I have 5 different notebooks w/TO DO lists not to mention my sticky notes and my planner – yet I still can’t remember SHIT!!!

Oh My Hell – if I wake up at 3am and remember – i’ll be mad….

To hike at Runyon tomorrow morning – that is the question – b/c of daylight savings – i fear the MTN lions and bears oh my will attack that early….I’m more worried for my dog then me, really what it comes down to 😉

Work was insane today – I feel all puffy and bloated b/c I chewed 5 packs of gum in anxiousness to get shit done and out the door….so i’m gasey, my teeth and Jaw hurt, I’ve started to get a twitch in my eye, carple(sp?) tunnel has set in, and I feel (shall I dare say it) FAT….I’m totally having a stressy bessy girlie day – what can I say….

Side note – Can anyone else please get married in 2009? My single ass, yes – single, proud and ready to mingle, is going to so far – 6 weddings in 2009…..I’m totally hiring an escort so I don’t feel so “ALLL BY MYSELFFFF….Don’t want to be” b/c let’s face it – not to be pessimistic – we all know I will still be single….Oh Tear! Spinster at large, Jane Austin incarnate, who else is famous and single and old?

Ok, now that the rambling has hit full throttle – I’m off like a prom dress – haha, yeah right – who are we talking to?? ME!!


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