From Fat to..Just Fluffy!

Poor Roxy – It was all just Fluff after all….
All those comments on the streets – wondering if she was preggers….or our cleaning lady nicknaming her (so hard for me to say) La Gordita! All can be stricken from the record…after a recent trip to her favorite place ever – THE DOG HOUSE – Located on 3rd – where ALL day play and day care is free with a fabulous groom/haircut – not too shabby! Their motto: a tired dog = a happy owner – or is that my motto….tomato/tomatoe!

When we arrived this fine morning, I asked for the LAAAAAMb/Puppy cut to get her ready for summer – LA is getting hot fast!
Let me tell you, the proof is in the pudding – she’s gone from FAT – to Just FLUFFY!!! So her confidence is restored!!! All those doggy diets and hikes up Runyon to get her to shed a few L-B’s – hmm…Bad mommy!

Below, you can see her before (I can barely hold my little fluff ball) – then – her strutting her sexy new ‘do’ for the camera (I’m too sexy for my fur…too sexy it hurts)!


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