Random Tid Bits

Just some random funnies and not so funnies that I was so amused with today – so I took photos – Sharing is caring!

When our fantastic cleaning lady comes every other week – my roommate and I are overcome with giddy fun excitement and annoyance when we arrive to see what order our apartment is in – First off – it’s clean! Yes, we love and appreciate and relish in that factor. Second – Nothing is where it was when we left – Our cleaning lady thinks she is America’s Next Design Star. Everything is rearranged in what seems like took much thought….and not always does it make sense or work – but it is an adventure! We appreciate her hinting at us with her design suggestions – but quite frankly we like how we have it – so let’s just put things back shall we!!! (although my suspicion is, she moves everything on purpose to show us she cleaned – so it doesn’t seem like she didn’t do anything- Bravo…I totally fell for it…..UNTIL NOW;))

First pic below is our fabulous decorator – aka – cleaning lady – showcasing her latest suggestion/new idea/talents….the brown pillows are thick squares meant for benches or sitting on top of and were nicely positioned on the floor – NOT ANYMORE….and I’m not gonna lie – part of me is kinda digging it – Bravo cleaning lady…Bravo yet AGAIN!!!….

Below is yet a whole other issue: Landord = sucky! Way to come home to a GIANT SIGN rubbing it in that we are being kicked out basically -I just love going through one of the most stressful times in anyones life – especially when everything seems to be working just nicely and we like our APARTMENT – oh thats right…..I saw the flyer – he’s charging a lot more and isn’t allowing pets – so it seems to me that there is an alterior motive….Ah Hah! Sherlock Holmes strikes again!!!

What peeved me….when I pulled out the flyer (yes a flyer, not it’s not being sold – our landlord is just an odd nut) He had the nerve to say it included Air Conditioning units…ummmmmm…..THOSE OUR OUR PURCHASED AIR CONDITIONING UNITS B/C HE IS TOO CHEAP TO INSTALL CENTRAL AIR AND WE MELT IN THE GOD FORSAKEN SUMMER!!! What crack is he smoking? I will be damn sure to unscrew every part of that AC unit and take it with me…..I spent 100 bucks at the Costco sale last summer, lugged it up w/my roommie, spent over an hour installing and he thinks that shit is now included – Oh no he didn’t….“IT’S ‘S’ BITCH” That’s all I’m saying!


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