Easter Pre-Game – Out on The Town in San Clemente


After a little church time with mi familia this past Saturday evening, I worked in a glass of wine and then set out to check my bestest cousin’s new pad – a block from the beach – BTW.

As I pull up to her beach sanctuary, what do my wondering eyes do I see….a few big Marines – staring at me 😉 Rachie lives under a pack of Marines – how’s that for safe keeping – or loud fun! And oh was it fun! After refilling myself another glass of wine, we meandered on up to their boring game of Beer Pong – incase you don’t know – I am the reigning champ of FLIP CUP – oh college money well spent!
I challenged them to ‘BRING IT’ for a friendly match – I think they thought I was bluffing b/c they so quickly obliged. I came, I saw, I conquered! That’s all I have to say – well not quite – any team I am on – WILL WIN! I sang silently – ok by that time I was schnockered off of Beer (oh geez) and wine – nice combo huh – anyway….I sang outloud or maybe in my head – “WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS, MY FRIEND….WE’LL KEEP ON FIGHTING…TO THE END…DON DON DON” You get the picture!

I’m not gonna lie, they were younger and got attached to Rachie and I – maybe b/c we were eventually the only girls – regardless!

Rachel and I ducked out for some San Clemente bar action and the night just got better and better with our random adventures with random people! There was no game plan – but it was just fun! And I was drunk!

Below are some photos documenting my night of drunkdem – Is that a word…it is now!!!

(Rachel Falling into the chair as we tried to exit the apartment to head out to local bars – I guess flip cup did us in ;))

(OK, so i have no idea what this is of – but I think it’s Rachel dancing or someone dancing at the bar)

(So – as I slept off my debaucheries from the previous night – I awakened to realizing I had to hike up to my car very early to prep for the Easter festivities…not a good idea – but when I went out on the porch – a random shoe! What do you ask??? I thought it was funny – maybe I was still buzzing – but it was photo worthy in my eyes!)

Until the next adventure!!!


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