OH MY HELL – What a crazy past few weeks! Let’s try to break down the main events in a quick catch-up…(dare I say quick…anyone who knows me knows that I can’t verbiage anything quick – aka my voicemail messaging/text messaging/email invites;) and of course – this parenthesis)

Let’s get it done!

-SIDE NOTE: CORRECTION TO THE PREVIOUS POST “MARINES IN SAN CLEMENTE” – It was brought to my attention that the “single shoe” does in fact belong to Miles, the resident of said apartment I crashed at….apparently b/c they are greasy from work – he keeps them outside…..still, I raised an eyebrow as to why the other one was nowhere to be found – Rachel casually said “oh, it’s probably in a bush” as if this has happened before! Ok then, I just left it at that! So the shoe mystery is solved, Sherlock Shawna strikes again!


What a fun weekend – I love my Kristin and Helder – their condo is so cozy, classy, modern sophisticated and I have my own room – need I say more!
We strolled downtown to Dussini’s (sp?) one of my favorite places there!!!
LOVE IT: food – FANTASTICALLY DELICIOUS – Wine – SMOOTH AND FLAVORFUL – Staff – FRIENDLY AND ON IT – Atmosphere – NYC downtown classy loft bar meets casual upscale billards club! Fresh and Spicy! Everytime we go – we love it – dine in for cozy comfort or rock it on the top floor for meet and greets. I’m just sayin…you can’t go wrong!
So a few photos documenting this fun filled night with some sexy biatches –

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