Episode 3: Don’t piss off the cleaning lady…

Oh my hell, can you imagine what our cleaning lady would say if she walked into our apartment in the state it is in at this very moment???
Su Casa es muy DIIIRRR–TAAYYYY!!!
When messes happen to clean people; When messy people don’t clean; When messy piles have babies….There is really no explanation that can be said…well perhaps – shall we begin?
(Episode Wrap-up)
The fancy pillow ensembles…GONE!!; Coaster revival…FIN ITO!!!; Clean Sparkles flying through the air while visions of my clean apartment float in my head…HA! A thing of the PAST!!!! 
(Oh how I took our cleaning lady for granted – Come back to us! Come back!…I PROCLAIM…trying to wake up from this dirty nightmare) 
-Overtly dramatic…who me? Pshaw! 😉
Let’s start from the beginning:
It’s the second Tuesday of the month!!! I am giddy with excitement…what adventure will our cleaning lady take us on today?  Will it be extra lemon scent?  Are the cushions now wall art?  I rush home from work…barely able to hold the keys steady enough to unlock the door in time…Finally, like magic…the door flies open!!!  TADAAAA!!!
Um….Did I just walk in the wrong apartment? Could this really be happening? What shit was our CL smoking?  Was I mistaken…was it in fact….MONDAY?????  Tell me lies, sweet little lies….TELL ME LIES!!!
HORROR….GASP…TEARRR or shall i say…TEAR(S)!!!  
Just look, open your eyes….look – experience what I went through….Below you will embark on the journey I endured…These pictures are worth a thousand messes…here’s to the damn episode wrap-up….I needn’t say anymore! (SHHHHHHHHHH)

Where is that Bi-ATCH????? Did she quit?  Did my roommate fire her???  Did someone steal our cleaning lady???  I NEED ANSWERS PEOPLE!!!!  Someone better give me back my CL – I’m 2 seconds away from putting up reward signs around the block….

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