My aunt just schooled me regarding my last post on TOPPINS….(see very bottom-geesh) – I open my email this morning to a notification that my Aunt Carrie (now living in Brussels) left me a very matter of fact “facebook” comment with a mini tyrade on Tuppence…Love it…I’m that much smarter – but yet my Mary Poppins Bubble has burst just a tad. Thanks Carrie ūüėČ – alright, I get it…
All I can say – damn the accents because I still hear lyrics of TOOOOOPPINS flying through my head, and really…I bet this is a common misunderstanding b/c I don’t know anyone that thinks it’s called “Tuppence” – we are giving our generation too much brain cred. ¬†
It’s kind of like me growing up always thinking he was called “Weenie the Pooh” not “Winnie” – what? Like you didn’t too? ¬†C’mon…totally innocent. ¬†Oh like Sponge Bob Square pants is the most pure thought out cartoon…
Ignorance is bliss…And at that age (our much younger years)…we just wanted to sing…SUPERCALIFRAGALISTIC-EXPIALADOCIOUS…bounce with Tigger and wish we could hang out with Uncle Albert floating in the ceiling drinking tea.
I feel like I’ve been suck in Nostalgia land the last few days. ¬†Oh GEEZ. ¬†
By the by, I didn’t even connect the dots…it’s been awhile since I’ve watched it through – but doesn’t the MARY POPPINS movie resemble what’s going on with our economy now?? ¬†The depression – everyone swarms the banks to get their money out – banks hide and shut down…Jane and Michael don’t want to give their money to the bank…I’m just sayin!¬†
Aunt Carrie’s Facebook comment:
FYI – the lyrics to Feed the birds are “Feed the birds, Tuppence a bag”. ¬†Tuppence is really two-pence, which is two cents to you and me. ¬†Get it, she’s saying you can feed the birds for 2 cents a bag. ¬†She was selling bread or birdseed to anyone that would buy it. ¬†Remember, Michael and Jane Banks didn’t want to put their tuppence in the bank. ¬†They wanted to feed the birds. ¬†

They still make two-pence pieces in England, although I don’t know anyone that refers to them as tuppence. ¬†Now they just say 2 P.¬†

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