Private Dancer…

Dancer for Money, do what you want me to do…

I’m already under the impression that I’m going to make it on the next ‘So Yo Think Yo Can Dance’ season. Often times, ok regularly, I find myself busting a move (perhaps we can call it practicing for my debut) in front of my mirrors. Now, I’ve taken private dancing (a name I was give back in high school – “Privada Bailar”) to a whole new level.
I needed to workout yesterday, but it was my first day house/dog-sitting at this large open loft in Santa Monica. It was the perfect space TO DANCE. However, being that it was my first day here I was a bit hesitant as I didn’t want to scare the dogs with my smooth moves. Since I didn’t have my tennis shoes with me, the gym was out of the question…..hmmm. I couldn’t help it, I just wanted To Dance!!
Assessing your space is key. Getting familiar with it, loving it, finding the best dance flow and ultimately getting over the fear that there aren’t secret cameras documenting the amazement that could potentially take place which could quite possibly lead to utter humiliation. Oh yeah, and then there was still the dog scaring factor. As all this was rolling through my mind, what in my wandering eyes did appear???
Now you gotta cut loose, Footloose! Kick off your Sunday shoes. And how fitting, it was Sunday. I was glued to the boob-tube. Distracted if you will. Footloose on Oxygen – I just couldn’t miss this because you know it won’t be on like 500 more times right after. But what about….THE DANCE? I needed to workout. Damn distractions. BUT then I heard it. The song. “Cutloose, Footloose…da da dattt, etc!” It’s the scene where SJP, Kevin Bacon and the other characters are over state lines at the hick bar – where you would think line dancing was taking place, but it wasn’t. Oh, the music! The music creeped back up and there was dancing, next thing you know I found myself on my feet wanting to dance with them and then…..Ah Ha! My new workout had come to fruition.
I gave the phrase “Dance Your Ass Off” a whole new meaning. I decided to bust it during every dance scene in the movie. I attempted to mimic most of their crazy moves, flail around, keep my feet moving. Dogs were barking at me but I was too busy having a blast. When the scene would end, I would do weight resistant moves like push ups, arms and threw in some abs. Another dance scene had come on just as I finished my weight resistant stuff, this time Kevin Bacon (Aka, Ren) was teaching that other guy to dance. ‘Let’s here it for the boys…let’s give the boys our hands’ – OM to the G the possibilities were endless. By the time that scene ended I was ready to do another set of my arms/ab moves. The timing was perfection! Then there was the Kevin Bacon scene where he was dancing in the warehouse. Genius! Pure Genius! However, that scene is tricky…after one somersalt imitation and slight scare that I sprained my neck I decided to alter some of Mr. Bacon’s sassy moves – show off 😉 Gosh, by the time that scene ended I was pumped and couldn’t contain my excitement for the finale – THE PROM!!! Do I dare tell what happened next?? Sadness, pure sadness! Oxygen channel decided to go out right before the finale. NOOOOOOO. Seriously? Seriously! I desperately searched for a good substitution, there was nothing. And MTV Videos just did not fill that void.
Regardless, at the end of all this I was sweating, having a blast and scaring the dogs all at the same time – but I didn’t care. I JUST WANTED TO DANCE. And I DID. I was getting an insane workout. My heart rate was up and I was feeling the burn. I call it the ‘Cutloose, Footloose – DYAO (dance your ass off) workout’! It was a good hour of kcal burnage. Thanks Footloose, you…complete me and my ass will thank you later too.
On another note, earlier in the week I was listening to a playlist in my apartment and came across a few old but new songs. These songs randomly pumped me up so much that I was dancin’ and shakin’ my booty into a major sweat! So, I have now moved them to my workout playlist. So fun for dancing, running or gym action! Check Check, Check em out!
1. “Black Betty” – Ram Jam
2. “Pump It Up” – Elvis Costello
3. “Rush” – Big Audio Dynamite
4. “Hard To Handle” – The Black Crowes
5. “Oh My” – Mellowdrone
6. “19-2000 (soulchild Remix)” – Gorillaz
7. “Sunshowers” – M.I.A

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