I wish I knew how to quit you Fro Yo!!

FRO-PRO?  PRO-FRO? or FRO-HO?  That is the question….(brace yourself)

If you know me at all you know that i’ve developed somewhat of an addiction for my Fro-Yo.  Okay, maybe it’s spiraled into more of a think about it everyday and night, go out of my way just to get a taste, owner knows me by name, go through a frequent buyer card once a week, skip a real meal to have Fro Yo instead, buy 32 oz sizes for freezer so I can eat it anytime I want, kind of an addiction.  It’s really not that serious. Seriously.

FRO-YO you ask?  What is that? Fro-Yo is a fancy name for Frozen Yogurt.  It just rolls off of the tongue better.  “Hey Bob! Let’s go get some delicious Fro-Yo” or  “Betty, doesn’t that Fro-Yo make you melt?” or “I need some Fro-Yo for the road, yo!” Really, the options are endless.  But Fro-Yo isn’t the same everywhere.  Oh no!  The kind I speak of has to be sought out!

Let me back it up and break it down in Fro-Yo terms:
1. There’s the icy tart kind that have a hint of sourness and more often then not have more of the fruity flavors. Usually not as much of a selection.(ie. Pink Berry, Red Mango, YogoTango, etc. )
2. There’s the all you can eat kind (buffet dessert bar if you will) that is a more creamy texture with flavors up the ying yang – these are the hidden fat machines. (ie. Yogurtland, Berry Swirl, etc.)
3. There’s the Stay Away – Full Fat/rich/really creamy, make you think it’s a healthy treat but seriously high in calories kind.  Usually these places also serve real Ice-Cream. (TCBY, Baskin Robbins (new and improved, etc.)
4. Then there’s the not even Frozen Yogurt whole days worth of calories kind.  The kind that are shockingly still in business because it’s so wrong how unhealthy they are and with all these other healthier options, it’s not worth it! Trust me.  I know. (ie. Cold Stone Creamery, Haagen Dazs, Dairy Queen, Baskin Robbins, etc.) You know these well as most of us grew up with them.
5. And Last but definitely not least – THE BEST KIND.  MY KIND. The CARBO8 and DREAM DELITE kind. Even WOW COW. Super low cal,  low carb and sugar free (Carbo8).  These have ONLY 8 or 9 calories per oz depending on brand – yes you heard me. I know :).  There are lots of ever changing delciously fun and fabulous flavors.  Not too rich, no sugar free empty taste (some flavors can though) and depending on the flavor can be creamy or icy.  Great to freeze and thaw out for next day.  You can usually find this kind of Fro-Yo in local Fro-Yo shops (mainly in LA area). They will advertise these brands if they have it so you will know. (ie. Beverly Frozen Yogurt, Angelina, Toppers, Studio Yogurt)

Now that you know the differences (very important) let’s talk about #5. THE BEST KIND.  MY KIND.  FRO-YO at it’s finest!
Ick, you may be thinking…but sshhh, don’t speak, not right now, just wait.  I have converted almost EVERY person that has doubted it’s true beauty.  I kid not! When it comes to Fro-Yo, this ain’t my first rodeo!  I don’t mess around.  What’s not to love about this heaven in a cup?  Bursts of cold creamy flavors in your mouth and need I mention again, you can have massive amounts – at roughly 8cal/oz you can eat a large (about 15oz) with no toppings for only 120 calories. Regular frozen yogurt or low fat ice cream has 120 calories for a measly 4oz (makes me shed a tear).

My favorite place to go is on Beverly Blvd/Crescent Heights.  BEVERLY PLACE FROZEN YOGURT is the name but the sign just says Frozen Yogurt.  It’s a secret, the only way one catches on is by word of mouth or noticing all the skinny models and actors that go in and out with brown paper bags.  I’m just sayin 😉  Sandwiched right in between Sushi Time and China Bistro, lies my home away from home.  The lady that owns it is quite the character and she’s loaded with personality. It’s an adventure everytime I go in.  She’s a sweet lady that knows me by name and let’s me sample every flavor each time I come in – like everyday.
At Beverly Place, they carry WOW COW (more creamy) and CARBO8. They also do smoothies, sandwiches, coffee – but to be honest – I only speak Fro-Yo.  They usually carry about 4 flavors of the Carbo8 but they are constantly switching it up. Trickery to keep you coming back for more.  A surprise in every visit. Flavors that come and go and come back are: tripple chocolate, tart, taro, strawberry, blueberry cheescake, green tea, peach, maple nut, etc. One remains the same, PEANUT BUTTER.   The taste is AMAZING.  Amazingly orgasmic.  Ummm, seriously.  Happiness in every bite or lick 😉 I will seriously swing by and get a cup of Fro Yo to Go Go for lunch.  It’s so good when it hits my lips. One can’t deny a giant 10 oz tasty treat that is under 100cal.  Load on some fresh fruit, carab chips and even some granola/nuts and still have a healthy treat.  Okay fine, if you’re weaning yourself off the Cold Stone Creamery then load on some Captain Crunch, sprinkles and even chocolate chips.  Just don’t go too crazy.

FRO-YO to GO GO (take it to go):
– I love to get the 32 oz of my fav (Peanut Butter) to go and freeze it.  I even like the texture better after it’s frozen.  Just let it thaw for about 5-10 min and scoop out a few spoonfuls.  Have it anytime you want!
– I’ve gotten multiple flavors to go for dinner parties, bridal/baby showers, birthday parties, etc.  Bring fresh strawberries and fruit.  Serve in cute containers, top w/fruit or other goodies.  Low cal, low sugar, guilt-free treat for parties.

If you can’t make it to the best place ever or can’t find the Fro-Yo brands I speak of, fear not!!!  DIY baby.  DIY.

So one of my besty sexy plexy’s, Kira, got a Frozen Yogurt Maker for a wedding gift.  I think I went more crazy excited than she did. She’s more of a Margarator kind of a girl.  Make your own Fro-Yo?  Do my eyes play tricks? How did I not know of this product?  Put anything and everything in this machine of glory!  Secretly I was hoping I’d be scoring a new machine from her so I was trying to control my excitement (muahaha I got some tricks up my sleeve as well).  Pshaw, she caught on fast.  Next thing you know, she’s a FRO-HO!  hahahaha (I think I’m so funny sometimes)

Let me tell you, this machine is amazing!  It takes some experimenting, but man, it works.  Lately, whenever I head over to Kira’s, I get this crazy look in my eye and she knows.  It’s Fro-Yo time!  Then when our other bestie Amy heads over, it’s Fro Yo Shenanigans in the making.  Literally. Even the boys are drooling.  We go off recipes, we make it up as we go along and calculate calories.  It’s really as easy as 1-2-3.   However, it seems to taste better fresh, doesn’t freeze and thaw well. This also could be because we tend to make the more healthy, less sugar/etc. type of recipes which could play a factor in how it freezes.  That’s okay, 1 batch doesn’t last long in Kira’s house 🙂  Miss Amy loves it so much that she has informed me that she has just purchased the machine of gold.  Jealousy.

Some recipes/flavors to try in the Frozen Yogurt Maker:
Raspberry-Chocolate Chip Frozen Yogurt http://www.eatingwell.com/recipes/raspberry_chocolate_chip_frozen_yogurt.html
Pineapple-Coconut Sorbet http://www.fitnessmagazine.com/recipes/recipecomdetail.jsp?recipeId=25100877

Below are some Pictures of my Fro Yo experiences:


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