Is that a Mustache or are you just happy to see me??
Let’s be honest, mustache’s are hot! There was a time when they were considered a bit creepy and in my opinion had the same stigma as the almighty mullet! These days the Stache is making a comeback and taking no prisoners – men & women!
Really, it’s the accessory that keeps on giving. There’s so many looks one can rock: the Handle bar, Chevron, Dali, Horseshoe, Imperial, Walrus and of course, my favorites – the Pencil and Fu Manchu.  There’s something for everyone and you can’t deny the curiosity of the stache.
It was just the other night I was having a cocktail at the Roger Room and was mesmorized by the man sitting next to me.  He had one of the most impressive mustache’s I had ever seen, a cross between an English and Imperial.  It was so genius, so perfect, so ugly and yet so sexy all at the same time.  So I did it. Yes! I couldn’t help myself…I asked if I could twirl it.  He obliged.  I giggled like a school girl.  Satisfaction!
Okay, so maybe you’re not a mustache wearing/growing/twirling type.  Fear not! How about dawning a fake – it’s like false eyelashes – no one has to know it’s not real, it’s quick, sometimes painless, take off at end of the night or find in random places the next morning. Adventures in Mustaches!! Perhaps all you really need is a good exfoliation or maybe some tickle action, then consider an interaction with a man who does have one! Find the right mustache and all of that can be taken care of, I’m just sayin 😉
There’s just something so right and sometimes so wrong about the Mustache! It’s fun for everyone. Wear them at a party, dress up a casual gathering, bring them out for a night with the family or even rock the almighty stache at a wedding.  Trust me, fun is guaranteed as well as creepy cool totally fresh photos that will continue to amuse you for years to come.  For proof, I’ve provided some visual entertainment below.

Also, totally check out this link! Yours truely is rocking the handlebar stache (#14) from my best friends wedding in Mexico. Among all the other cool stuff at the wedding, Amy made sure there was a table of fun.  Mustaches on sticks, polaroid camera and rockin’ glasses = hours of entertainment.  I’m telling you, the mustache is a totally hot accessory and more importantly, a true conversation starter!

“Families that wear mustaches together, stay together” – My aunt and Uncle & their kids at our family xmas – 08′

“Grab a hold of these chops” – Me at Amy’s wedding in Mexico in May 2010.

Jinnie’s 30th Bday – Full of our furry friends.  1. Jinnie, mustache aficionado. 2. Nico and I working some serious upper lip action.  3.  Amy and I are working some mustache on the chest (they can be used in so many ways) 4. Even a mustache cake, that’s serious business.


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6 responses to “YOU HAD ME AT MUSTACHE!

  • This Lady is a Real Moustache Fan

    […] It’s refreshing and encouraging in this not so moustache friendly world to find a lady so much a fan. This is a nice article. May keep you from caving in to a cold, bare-lipped society. Keep your lip sweaters boys! The power of the moustache will help you find the right ladies! Read this article. […]

    • sotidbits

      I love it – lip sweaters! I agree, ladies like the mustache – there’s an element of mystery. Rock the stache and keep it alive! I’ll do my best to keep up the support especially raising awareness this month! 🙂

  • EricJT

    Loved your article. Very encouraging. I’ve linked to it from my web site. I see the moustache as a magnifier: it brings out strong feelings – like, dislike and even passion. Thanks for your perspective.

    • sotidbits

      Haha, I like to think my dad’s passion for the stache and my friends new found love for it has helped bring back the love for the mustache. So much fun to be had – girls can go crazy with their hair, guys can go crazy with their facial hair – why not have fun with it.

      I think it’s sexy too – c’mon – Burt Reynolds, Tom Selleck to name a few….can’t be a hater 🙂

  • Granny

    Great article Shawna. Alittle family mustach history. Great Grandad,My Dad, He had a great mustach He was a Clark Gable lookalike. I have the picture toprove it!!! Your Honolulu uncle Bob, my bro, has a gteat handle bar mustach. I bet he would let you twirl it. He keeps it nicely waxed. Word has it as we ladies age we get a little fuz under our lips.My eye sight isn’t that good so I think I Have escaped the stash horrers. love you gran.

  • A Little Bit Of This, A little Bit Of Stache! « TID – BITS

    […] now you all know how I feel about moustache’s.  If not see previous post “You Had Me At Moustache.” It’s an odd obsession really, considering I can’t grow them nor have I yet to date […]

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