I’ll take you to the Candy Shop
I’ll let you lick the lollipop
I’ll take you to the Candy Shop
I’ll have you spending all you got

50 Cent knows how to take you to the candy shop.  I know how to bring the the candy shop to you!
One of my favorite things in my apartment in my candy jar.  One of the easiest ways to spice up a room and your mouth is with a super freshy cute candy jar!  You can use anything really – large vase, an empty apothecary jar, mason jars, baskets, tins…you get the picture.  The more creative you are the more decorative it becomes.  It really can make a fun statement but be careful not to pop too many candies –  got to make sure it doesn’t leave a lasting imprint on your butt.  Remember all the thong talk (see prior posts) – gotta keep that thong tha thong thong thong in tact 😉

There are so many fun ways to fill a candy/treat jar.  To add a pop of color you may be lacking – get a fun brightly wrapped candy and fill it to the top.  Have a bazooka gum jar – looks really cool.  Keep it simple with plain Gum Balls.  Jelly Bean it up – one pop you can’t stop.  My favorite is to throw in a mix of all my favorite sugar free dollar store candies including the hottest treat of all – FIREBALLS.  Yum.  The options are endless.

(My candy jar is pretty pathetic right now.  It’s usually full of sugar free low cal treats that are fun bright colors and individual mini packs of Extra gum – don’t judge on it’s current state – just means I may have had my hand in it too much)

My obsession with these jars of delicious delight must stem back to my Nana.  She always had and still has candy dishes sporadically placed throughout her house. Those chalky mints, the best.  Nothing like waking up in the morning and being surprised to see a fresh dish of jordan almonds staring right back at you — oh man, where the heck did those come from?  Oh yeah, Nana! For me, dishes just don’t cut it anymore.  Come on, load it with just five pieces and the candy dish is full. No bueno. Truth…when there’s only five pieces of candy and you eat two, half are gone and dish looks empty and sadly you look like the oinker that couldn’t control yourself.  Candy Dishes – OUT! Candy Jars – IN!

The $1 store is the best place to score your candy.  And folks, they have some good stuff!  You thought Big League Chew was discontinued.  Pshaw–Think not!   Not at the $1 store of glorious secret finds.  BTW – you can also find some of the cutest glass jars with lids.  Booyeah!

Not only is the Candy/Gum Jar deliciously awesome and decorative in your own home.  It’s a fun gift to give.  As birthday season sprung on me like a cat on a hot tin roof – I wanted a signature gift that was personal and cost effective.  I also needed an excuse to buy a shopping cart full of rad candy.  Pretty and tasty.  I thought, why not get a super cute jar – fill it with someone’s favorite candies or colors that match their house, or whatever – and then personalize it even more by decorating the jar.  Also, another excuse to pull out the puffy paint.  Warning – once you start, you won’t be able to stop yourself from puffy painting everything.  I was ready to rip off my dogs collar and tattoo her name on it.  It’s even more fun to come up with clever, or not so clever, little phrases to personalize the jar.

I recently did a candy jar for my friend Rob who has a good sense of humor.  So, I filled the jar primarily with lollipops then puffy painted the following phrase on the lid…teehee…
“Rob’s Candy Shop…Ask to lick his lollipops” GENIUS!  Ok, I thought so.

Nana’s Candy Jar was next.  My Nana is a cool Italian lady with tons of spunk.  We tend to throw around the ‘bitch’ word when we are joking around with each other – it’s our inside joke.  Let’s put it this way, Nana has a license to bitch card and she loves to show people it 🙂  Therefore, her’s said….“Nana’s Treats.  Don’t Touch…bitch!” She thought it was just as funny as I did – or pretended to 😉
It’s a super fun gift that people won’t buy or make for themselves but they WILL, in fact, eat all the contents.  No matter how hard they resist.  And even if they don’t, even better because then it looks really cool.

Don’t feel like candy or you know your friends don’t want candy rotting their pearly whites – fill the jars up with your friends favorite thing.  mini muffins.  S/F Sticks of Gum.  Potato chips.  Pickles. Coffee. Just have fun with it.  And then decorate the crap out of it 🙂


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2 responses to “WELCOME TO THE CANDY SHOP…

  • PurdyFab

    I know I loved my candy jar! Too bad my husband took it all down within the week of my birthday… there are only fireballs left which I'll bring back to you since our home doesn't appreciate them perhaps as much as we should 🙂

  • S.O.

    I'll take em 🙂 I knew you didn't love but was hoping I could convert.

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