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Let’s face it, I’m no spring chicken anymore.  I’m getting ready to hit my 30’s – my 20’s will soon be a thing of the past. That being said, I’m starting to see the lovely signs of aging. Getting older + my wacky intense facial expressions = a fabulous forehead of lines.  Ugh. Lately, I’ve actually been entertaining the idea of Botox. Okay, more like thinking about it.  I’m not quite there yet and frankly, I am happy to report that I might not be needing it anytime soon!  I found my new BFF in the world of beauty products.  Seriously….this is it! I’m in love.  It rocks!  BOOTS No7INTENSIVE LINE FILLER.  Botox in a bottle indeed! I’ve been hearing awesome things about this brand from numerous people and have wanted to try it for awhile.  It’s been hard for me to fork over the cash and risk trying a new brand when I  still love my Kiehl’s.  Then I heard about botox in a bottle.  I took a chance.  I love.  It works!

It’s not super expensive.  Once you apply it, rub your fingers along your lines and you will immediately feel how it fills in.  Super soft, not greasy. After a few applications, I definitely noticed a difference! I’m converted. I’m totally digging on Boots Products and can’t wait to try the anti aging night cream that the spokesperson told me about. You can get BOOTS products at Target. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still all about my Kiehl’s too, but it’s nice to switch it up and have a new love in my life! All in all, I am a very happy camper and just felt like sharing my latest beauty find.  If you decide to try it, let me know what you think!

BOOTS No7 – Intensive Line Filler.

Intensive Line Filler


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One response to “BOTOX IN A BOTTLE ANYONE?

  • sotidbits

    Per Eden’s FB comment about this posting:
    “Haha! I actually went on the hunt on my own with my mom and we bought the night cream, the day cream, the eye cream, the eye gel, the microderm abrasion cream, the exfoliant cleanser and of course the intensive line filler. I think I’ve covered my bases on anti-aging without injectables, thanks to your suggestion of course :)”

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