I adore fresh flowers.  I think they are a staple to always have in my house.  My absolute favorite are Peonies. They make me so happy and smile every time I see them. When they are in season I can’t get enough.  Coming in a close second are Hydrangeas.  So full, luscious, delicate and pretty.
They make my apartment feel bright & airy and I like the fact that they have stamina and don’t make a mess.

Flowers dress up any space – giving it a fresh and clean feel.  I always keep a vase full of flowers on my entry way table.  Think of flowers like easy & temporary design statements.  For me, if I’m feeling a little wild and wanting color – I go bold with colorful flowers.  When I’m wanting lush and pretty – I get full flowers with light colors and delicate petals.

The most frustrating thing for me is when I have gorgeous flowers that start to wilt after a day or two.  Pshaw.  It’s a full time job to be pretty and perky all the time.  Sometimes these beauties can be temperamental – especially if the climate isn’t to their liking.

Here are some tips on how to get the most staying power out of your flowers and really make them last!

  • Trim stems at an angle
  • Cut off leaves that will be submerged in the water
  • Add pinch of sugar
  • A squeeze of lemon
  • And a few drops of bleach

VOILA!  Now it’s time to Flower YOU Pretty! Enjoy – flowers really do bring smiles:)

Here are some photos of flowers adding some pop to my life.

In my apartment, flowers are a must!

I'm always switching out different flowers

At my Mom's house for Labor Day - She dressed up a casual BBQ dinner with a a lovely Hyrdrangea flower arrangement that add a pretty French country chic feel in an old fashioned jar! Love!

My twin Amy uses my favorite flower, Peonies, to dress up the hotel for her Vegas Wedding Celebration!

Megan (a fab co-worker) added hydrangeas to make her wedding day gorgeous & special - photos by Leila Peterson


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One response to “FLOWER ME PRETTY

  • Twin

    Gorgeous! Just reading this post made me feel pretty 🙂 Now if you can figure out how to get my husband to buy me flowers, I’d owe you big time!

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