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My cousin Rachel, or as I like to call her, Rachie, is pretty fabulous.  I like to take credit since I held her in my arms when she was a baby and I claimed her as my own.  Ever since, she’s been the Phillips to my Wilson (“hold on for one more day…”), my bff and of course, my butt-warmer.  I’ll explain later.
She’s a hard working, driven and talented individual. The woman doesn’t ever seem to tire and it’s fabulously motivating!
So naturally, when Talbots (Talbots as in the store – just in case you were wondering) had a contest to win a trip for four to Paris (PICK ME! PICK ME!) – so she entered!
Her mission was to create a story about Denim in six words or less.  Using her smarts, wit and her personal love with denim jeans – voila.  A young Hemingway in the making.  Even better, she was able to include pictures with her story to help give it that extra spice and always going that extra mile! Suck up 😉 I bet she was the girl always doing extra credit.
Check out the link below- pretty darn clever if you ask me.  What can I say, I like to toot her horn!
Rachel doing this inspires me to get out of the norm, think outside the box and whatta ya got to lose? Not much! So on that note I’d like to say…Be Comfortable, Be Creative, Be driven, Be of NO Fear and Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough!!!!
Rachel’s Story is the one titled: My commitment to Love…and Denim
Rachel’s Story: No matter the occasion I’m Committed

I’ve included further evidence of her ‘extra credit’ (coughing) Suck up;)

Rachel w/Nana on our recent visit. She gave our Nana an awesome scrapbook from her wedding.  There goes my candy jar gift 😉


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  • Twin

    I’ve been singing Wilson Phillips since I read this post… love it though, brilliant cousin indeed and a wedding scrap book for Nana? Touche!

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