Saddle Up!

Since I’m on a little bit of a shoe kick right now, I thought I’d share another shoe I’m also totally crunching on.  A throwback to the old saddle with a super hot fresh wedge.  I remember having the most awesome pair of pink saddles when I was a kid but seeing how I’ve grown out of them, I think it’s time I look into getting a new pair.  However, I’ve been a bit preoccupied with the rain boots quest.  While deep in my search, next thing you know one shoe had led to another.  I happened across these beauties from Urban Outfitters.  Love love and love.  I am not quite sure how often I would rock these and if I could even pull it off – but even if we aren’t compatible – my shoe crush for these Oxford Wedges are off the chart. I’m willing to put in some time styling and learning to walk in these.  Now let’s work on saving some $$ and finding my size 😉


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