Run, don’t walk! They are back but probably not for long because these babies sell like hot cakes.

Every year, I wait for it to rain long enough to inspire and justify a purchase of rain boots in Los Angeles. And every year, I attempt a desperate quest for the perfect rain boot that doesn’t make my short legs look like a pirates peg leg.  Like clockwork, I would set out in an exhausting, indecisive and frustrating search, hitting all my budget friendly go-to’s: Target, TJ Maxx, Zappos, DSW, etc.  Although these gold mines had some great rain boot selections, they just never hit the mark for me. And tragically, my searches would ultimately end in wet soggy pants convincing me to give up.  Until about 3 yrs ago when my roommate/bff/stylist (Brandy) came home with the most fabulously fresh chic rockin’ boots. She would even rock them on a sunny day – Done and Done! That was all it took – they had me at Hello!  They became the objects of my desire.  But of course, she scored one of the last pairs of the season.  And so it is. So i’ve longed for them ever since.  Why? Because every time it would rain, I would wait too long and they would sell out year after year.  Not this year.

When we hit day 2 of rain last week, I hauled butt straight to the MARC by MARC JACOBS store on Melrose (the accessory/misc/specialty items).  Ladies please, I was on a serious mission to get a pair of these Rain Boots and by the way, ONLY $28.00. They have super fresh colors too. That’s right, out of my way ladies.  I had to push through a few shoppers while still maintaining a somewhat sane look on my face in order not scare the sales lady. Sadly and thankfully, it wasn’t just me.  Almost everyone in the store was racing for these fantastic rain boots.  I was actually nervous that I was going to be out of luck again.  Like I said before, they usually don’t keep a huge stock and once they’re out, they get harder to come by during the rain season.

Okay, so I’m in the store, I’ve pushed through the ladies and by golly I found a pair in my size. Booyeah! Can I just say I almost bought all my sisters a pair for Christmas and stocked up for random gift giving.  I didn’t, because let’s be honest – the day was all about me, my quest and my success.  But I’ll be returning with backup. Big. Huge.

I’m ready to take puddles down!!! Soggy wet pants are a thing of my past.  The next pair of winter/rain shoes I have my eyes on are the super cute Sporto duck shoes.  Love.

Let me know if you score a pair and love or if you have any other great rain boot finds!




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One response to “SLIPPERY WHEN WET

  • Nancy Fox

    Congratualtions Shawna…Your new site is wonderful, adorable, useful and fun!
    Wish I had those rainboots right now as I’m in Greece and it’s raining…
    Good luck and a big thanks for the link to Skinny Kitchen!

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