DISLIKE (you Do Not complete me)

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I just had to quickly post my dislike for this mascara.  Complete and utter disappointment.  I’m not the pickiest when it comes to mascara, well…okay, yes I am-but that’s besides the point. I still don’t have “A” go-to mascara that satisfies my lashes every needs.  That means it adds length, thickness and doesn’t clump or separate.  An impossible task as I’ve tried them all.  I even got the Sephora LashStash Deluxe Sampler package where you get 10 mini mascaras to figure out the one that works best for you – genius, btw.  The brand that comes the closest to always delivering the goods is the Benefit BADGal Lash and Laura Mercier thickening and building mascara.  These make me happy – I like!  Yet, I can’t commit.  Story of my life.  I just can’t seem to fork over the cash for these brands (they are a bit pricier) because I’m scared that after a week I’ll be over it. In turn, I probably end up spending more buying cheap crappy ones that continue to disappoint me and I eventually throw out.  Huh. Perhaps there’s a deeper life/relationship lesson I should be getting out of this?  We will have to revisit that in a whole other post 😉

Back to mascara…topic at hand.  I’m at the store, browsing my favorite brands and after a bit of indecision, I settle on L’OREAL’s Telescopic Mascara.  First of all, Maybelline is usually my drugstore go-to brand, I don’t know why I veered off the yellow brick road.  Second, this mascara was awful.  I was so bummed! It was messy, sticky, clumpy, hard to handle wand and made my lashes stick together to form a whopping “three” giant lashes stuck together.  Usually, I would have sucked it up and used it for awhile.  However, it was awful and not user friendly.  I’ve never attempted to return makeup back to Target, especially used, but you can bet I did with this mascara!

Target told me that they don’t usually let you return opened/used makeup (which is why it pays to go to RiteAid for this stuff) but they let me this one time.  It must have showed in my face how upset I was.  I returned it.  Done.  Finito!  Good riddance.  Below, you will see sadness and disappointment in the making.


Not user friendly! Attempting to put it on with the weird, unsettling wand (ignore my giant schnoz)



I dislike you Mascara! Sadness.



Disappointment! Buy at your own risk.



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5 responses to “DISLIKE (you Do Not complete me)

  • redundantredundant

    Oh girl I feel you, I feel like I dump a ton of money into mascara and it’s never a good sign that I too never buy the same mascara. The last mascara I purchased is the best I’ve tried yet to date though, Givenchy Phenomen’eyes. It’s unique as it has a ball spikey wand that allows you maximum coverage and allows you to build on it without clumping for some serious length.

    I swear I’m not getting paid by them 🙂 Anyways, I may actually buy a 2nd tube of this! We could always get you lessons in falsies too, practice makes perfect!

    • sotidbits

      Oh really. I will totally try. I do like BadGal Lash and Laura Mercier but you absolutely are the eyelash queen. Yours always look amazing – so I’m taking your advice. Thank you. Also, I wanted to do a post about falsies. I bought a pair the other day. But, I can’t seem to get it right. Therefore, If you’re game – would love for a contributing post on it. Let me know thoughts.

      • redundantredundant

        Bring on the post about falsies! I soon plan to apply them at the good ol 5am hour for the first time to look fabulous for my landing and greeting in JFK, this will be my biggest falsies challenge yet 🙂

  • sotidbits

    I’d like to post a video HOW-TO with you applying them. Including photos is always a plus. I want to record you when I get back – in mean time take a few step by step photos I can also include. Or we can do it all when you get back.

    I bet you will take the JFK challenge down! I have eyelash faith!

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