FALL on me…

'Hollywood East' sign made out of fall leaves

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Finally…a FALL day in LA.  It’s October and I’m officially over the summer and missing the east coast/mid-west.  The leaves are finally changing and falling – I see piles waiting for me to frolic and crunch in. Today…absolutely the perfect lazy saturday to cozy up in my Nana blanket, watch 2 Weeks Notice, Blog, light all my ‘Fall’ candles (pumpkin spice and everything nice smells), drink s/f hot chocolate and contemplate what low-cal tasty treat recipe I can attempt to bake. Attempt, being the key word 😉 I’ll let you know how they turn out because usually It’s trial and error that I then push on my neighbor/friend to taste test and then give her the whole batch.  According to her, she always likes – but she’s being nice.

Oh how I love this. I’m also the biggest FALL nut/cheeseball/etc. – so perhaps later will consist of me grabbing a pumpkin spice Americano from Starbies (why have they not come up with a S/F version yet?) and finding the one street that really feels like fall in LA – then driving up and down it (sadly, I’ve done this ever since I moved here) all while cuddled up in a scarf listening to my Fall inspired play list. Nerd Alert!

More FALL inspired things on the agenda: Planning the apple/pumpkin fest party & treats with my sexy plexies (because we always need an excuse to bake, drink wine and gather) / Fall clothes shopping/ Ironing out the November Ladies getaway wine weekend coming up (perhaps all these ladies only events is a sign i’m still single? Maybe a co-ed even is in order) / DIY – Making my giant chalkboard today! That will definitely be documented / sifting through Pottery Barn catalogue for Fall decorating inspiration/ planning an SF trip to see my bestest for her Owl baby shower.  I know, it seems I have a lot of time on my hands and I promise today is one of the few days I’ve decided to do practically nothing and relax. Hopefully at least one of those items will actually happen.  HA – time will tell.  I’m going to stop jabbering and get to it.

Hope your FALL day is divine.  Ooh, and Apple Orchard trip would be fun – any other FALL inspired suggestions/ideas/comments/RECIPES (low-cal)?

A few pics I snapped walking The Rockstar (aka my little fluffy white dog, Roxy) – it’s as close as I’m going to get to FALL in LA.  As of now.


Off of Martel/3rd Street

around the corner my house on my walk with Roxy

On my walk around corner




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