Words To EAT By!

[251-365] One day ... at the Hairdresser

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My Hairdresser (Deanna) and I always dish over the latest and greatest healthy eating tips we’ve recently come across. Deanna came over to my dads the other day so I can get my ‘Hair Did’ (she’s decided to retire early but keeps a select few clients, which means I get front door service).  Of course, my dad decided to crash our hair party and started to talk about how I was whipping him into shape and have him on a food program that’s making him svelte again.  Although I appreciated the positive plug, we kicked him out before he could try to sell us tickets to the gun show! Ha!  Watch out you single ladies – Papa Mike is coming to town.  On that note, let’s keep moving.

Deanna soon confessed that she too struggled with weight early on. How did I not know this and yet, how do I not believe it?  She always looks amazing, thin and is always eating healthy. However, she explained that in the past she was always on the so called way of life ‘the diet’. UNTIL…She was let in on a secret.  A group of words really, molded together to form a sentence…a phrase, if you will!  Boy did she eat her words, literally.  The phrase stuck like cream cheese frosting on pumpkin spice cake.  Eating her words never tasted so Skinny! Genius! She has long since stopped dieting, eats healthy, eats what she wants but makes smart choices because she always keeps this magical phrase in mind (aka frame of mind) and follows her favorite quick thin tips (that I have since stolen):

1. Words to eat by:


Eat the real stuff, whatever stuff you crave.  Just don’t go overboard.  If you think about this as your eating, you’ll realize there’s no sense in shoveling that tasty goodness down your throat.  Are you racing your tastebuds?  Seeing how many licks does it take to get to the center of a…? If you think about it, there really isn’t any point in eating all the bites in the middle.  Taste it, have a few bites and then move on!


Deanna knows she’s always going to eat dessert.  She’s just a sweets girl and accepts that it’s going to be a part of her day.  (I’m not going to lie, same goes for me)  So a tip that works for her, she eats dessert first.  She knows she’s going to eat it regardless so if she eats it first, she won’t eat as much after.  It will keep you from going in for seconds and if you do – don’t eat that giant steak you were originally planning (save it for the next day).  It let’s you eat backwards.  Hey, if you know you’re gonna dip in the sweet sauce then just eat less of the rest.  Plus, knowing you just hoovered down a rich piece of chocolate cake might leave you feeling a little full.

3.  NATURAL FIRST – A Fruitless Effort!

When Deanna does what I like to call FRO YO or any ice cream for that matter, she loads the cup full of fruit FIRST! Fruit on the Bottom!  If you fill up the cup with tons of fruit and top it off with your favorite ice cream or low cal soft serve, it feels like a heaping mound of delicious good stuff with less of the bad stuff. In the words of NKOTB, it’s the “RIGHT STUFF!”  Tricking your brain – less ice cream, more fruit.  Eat it down since it’s mainly full of fruit.  Bottoms up!


Drink it, drink it, drink it.  Nuff said!  More of the green stuff, less of the brown stuff.  Still okay to continue to enjoy a coffee fix – just less of it! Drinking more green tea is just good for you.


Deanna is always moving. I rarely see her sitting down. Be that for work, around the house, staying active in her passions and interests.  It’s not even that she’s moving at warp speed, she’s just on her feet.  Leaves you less time to think about what goes in your mouth or sit and eat huge meals. However, make sure to snack!  Snack lightly, snack healthy, snack often (a So-Tid-Bit tip).


I’m still in love with #1.  I repeated that phrase to myself the other night when I found myself face first in a tub of Fro Yo close to finishing off the whole thing.  It worked!  It made sense and I suddenly lost interest in having to take it all down, discipline set in and I returned the tub of deliciousness back to it’s home in the freezer without regret. Done and Done.

It comes down to being aware and concsious of what goes in your mouth, the decisions you make and ultimately: It’s what works for you!!  Hope these tips were helpful and fun.




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