WHAT’S EATING YOU? (Breakfast Edition)


I don’t know What’s Eating You, but I can definitely tell you what I’m eating. I like to call it EASY E! (aka. Easy Eats) My Favorite easy, healthy and fresh for your body meals/snacks/etc.   All low cal! Easy prep! And more importantly, EASY TO EAT! The way I like it since I’m a snack attacker.  I am constantly fueling my body by eating.  I eat all day long.  Usually, every 1.5-2 hours. My dad said to me the other day “Gosh you eat a lot for someone that stays thin.”  It’s my secret (or no secret at all) to keeping the weight off.

The key: eat clean, natural, good for you foods that are light, healthy and fresh.  If you constantly fuel your body all day long with the right food, your metabolism will soar through the roof. In turn, you will burn calories all day – even when you’re not moving.  For me, it’s about preparing ahead of time easy-grab meals/snacks that don’t take much effort and that I can take quick on the go.  Below are some of my personal favorite go-to meals/snacks that do my morning just right.

Morning tip: Try to eat just a tiny something within 30 minutes of waking, even if it’s a slice of fruit or a few bites of fiber cereal.  Within an hour or so, make sure to eat a more filling and wholesome breakfast. Warning, even after a fuller breakfast, be prepared to be hungry again about 1.5 hours after eating.  That’s okay – go snack before lunch.

Here’s what I’ve been chowing down on this week.


1.) Figs!!!  Figs are back for fall and I’m working them in my meals when I can.

Pretty In Fig Fruit Medley Shenanigans:

1 mini apple (cubed), 1/2 c of fresh watermelon (cubed), 1/4 c of Dannon Light & Fit Fat Free Vanilla yogurt, sprinkle of Trader Joe’s High Fiber Cereal and lots of cinnamon.  (Roughly 150 cals)

Pretty in Figs...my breakfast medley

2.) Fruit, fiber & cheese please – I can’t quit you Breakfast!

The Usual:

1/4 c Trader Joe’s High Fiber Cereal, 1/4 c of Fat Free cottage cheese, 1 piece of fruit sliced & diced.

The Usual

Just the basics-good in my belly

The Usual

The Usual does my body good


The Usual – ALT (I like to call it – “The Usual”on a Vacation in Mexico):

1/4 c of Fat Free cottage cheese, Few sprinkles of Trader Joe’s High Fiber Cereal, 1 small roma tomato (sliced), 1 persian cucumber (sliced), 1-2 spoonfuls of fresh pico de gallo, cinnamon (optional)

3.) Egg Whites, Egg Whites, Egg Whites!!


You can have so much fun with egg whites and it’s such a low cal, protein blaster, filling dish. For less than 150 calories – you could have about 1 cup of an egg white scramble (no butter/oil – use the spray) and mix in all the goodies: mushrooms, bell pepper, onion, etc.  I like to top it with pico de gallo and then pair it with a piece of fruit for an awesome start to my morning!

4.) Fresh & Easy just the way I like it.

GET ER DONE:  Slices of cucumber, tomato, cottage cheese and pico de gallo.  Seasoning to taste.  Love it with my coffee and some fruit on the side.

So fresh and so Clean Clean!

5.) STARBIES!!!! Can’t forget a good cup of joe shooting through my veins to get my day going.  I have some guilty pleasures and this is one I will not give up, as of now.

GRANDE AMERICANO w/2 pumps of sugar free vanilla and a tiny splash of Hot soy.

To sum it up – make sure to eat breakfast.  I prided myself in being able to go until 3pm without eating – it’s all BS.  I used to also be 50+ lbs heavier when I did that.  It’s not a diet, it’s not about starving.  It’s about eating healthy good for you foods – with a little guilty pleasure thrown in every once in awhile 😉

I think my next baking adventure I’m going to try making these Baked Apple Cider Doughnuts.  Healthy, but tasty! Me likes.  I found this awesome recipe posted on Fit Sugar.  Don’t they look good?  I’ll keep you posted how they come out.

Baked Apple Cider Doughnuts


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