Don’t be TARTy for the Party

This just in…TARTIST LA.

One of my bestie’s had forwarded me a link today to check out this website – her note “Did you see? Super Healthy Tarts!” That’s all I needed to get my attention and hook me in!  I immediately checked it out!

Done and Done! It takes an amazing tart to win me over but if looks could kill, I’ve died and gone to heaven.  They look mouthwateringly (is this a word b/c it is now) divine – Tartist, Xárene Eskandar has gotten rave reviews on taste & presentation.  She uses seasonal notes of saffron, cardamom or orange blossom water with a single fruit beautifully adorned atop light, creamy filling and a rich, delicious crust (ie. ginger crust & rice cookie crust – what the!!!).  The catch, she only uses the freshest fruit & herbs from her garden and then poaches from her friends gardens.  Sharing is caring and she’s taking it to a whole new level. My kind of gal. To add a fig on top, literally, she’s also a Tartist after my own heart: No preservatives, artificial coloring or flavoring either. Gluten-free possible, by request.  Ba-da Bing! Ba-da Boom! She’ll even use your own fruit if your so inclined;)

I’m on it.  You can bet that I will be toddling over to find her secret location and camping out until I have a few in my possession for Thanksgiving celebration.  As the holidays are fast approaching and the parties and functions go into overdrive, I like to attend with a sweet treat in hand.  It really does add extra excitement when you are greeted.  I’m an aries, I rest my case.  That being said, I gotta keep my peepers peeled for the newest, fantastically freshest, tastiest bakers of the town.  One that is not only beautiful but one that is unique, delicious and hard pressed to find anywhere else. Who’s the dessert hero, It’s Me! It’s Me!  Well I will be once I have the Tartist on speed dial.

I cannot wait to taste the FIG and Pumpkin and Chocolate and Pear, oh hell, all of them…and I will be having more than just a bite – believe you me.  I’ll let you know how it goes when I bring them to the Thanksgiving festivities.  If you check her out before me, please oh please let me know the details.

Yum Yum in my Tum Tum!  Happy eating.



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