Done & Done!

So FRESH it’s Supernova fresh!

A Wink, A Flutter…sign, sealed, delivered! I’m SOLD!

You may remember a recent post of mine claiming my dislike for a certain brand of mascara.  I was fed up after continuously being let down on the quest for the perfect mascara.  So I turned to what I thought was one of my classic reliable brands and turns out I was more disappointed then ever.  I won’t name bash it again, just look back in past posts.

Seeing was believing…so one of my sexy plexies, Amy, suggested her favorite mascara (Givenchy Phenomen’eyes) and let me have a trial run, I obliged.  Granted, it was on Halloween where my clown eyeshadow literally overshadowed my lashes and on top of that, I was having a leaky eye fest.  So my experience was a tad tainted.  I actually didn’t hate it at all and although the wand is in fact a ball, I managed to use it with ease. Amy’s lashes always look fantastic, so Givenchy is a home run for her.

Here’s some shots of my sexy plexy, Amy, her smokey eyes all decked out. One for Halloween and  another time for her Elvis 50’s Gold Wedding in Vegas:






However, I still didn’t love the Givenchy mascara for me personally.  It didn’t provide the length combined with thick fullness my lashes craved.UNTIL NOW.  YAY!  I finally found it.  You COMPLETE ME!  A mascara so Fresh & so clean.  (I am not getting paid for this either, although they should really consider giving me  a ton for free and I’d be sure to rave around town) Thickness, Fullness (is that the same…nah), length, no clumps, no fuss, long lasting, doesn’t get stuck to my eyelids or take forever to dry.  It’s small and compact so travels well but lasts a longtime.  It’s got all the qualities I have decided are important to me in a mascara.  It had me at Hello!



Me with my new found love of a mascara. Sorry it’s a little in your face – literally:

My Mom actually introduced the brand (Fresh) to me – she swears by their makeup.  I actually don’t think she’s tried their mascara but we will have to change that.  I have never tried any of their makeup prior, especially because I’m convinced I can get great makeup at drugstore prices…so basically I’m cheap when it comes to purchasing makeup. Except now I’m opening my eyes to the possibilities.

I finally found my mascara light.  HALLELUJAH! Feel free to stock my stocking this Christmas with products from Fresh, including this mascara of course.



On another note, well actually, the same note.  I just got back from a fantastically fun girls wine weekend getaway in Solvang where I was introduced to a new fabulous product!  Another sexy plexy of mine, Jinnie, showcased her absolute most favorite eyeliner EVER (all while in a gas station bathroom for a pit stop)…

LORAC Line Pro Waterproof Eyeliner!

6 of us ladies huddled around Jinnie as she demonstrated the awesomeness of this eyeliner.  We oooh’d and Ahhh’d  as we were immediately convinced and can pretty much guarantee that we all ran out and bought it.   I haven’t yet – but I plan to.  You can bet on that!

Sexy Plexy, Jinnie, on our wine weekend looking fabulous as always:






Another Done and Done for the road home.

Thanks ladies for being so fantastically chic and always suggesting some amazing beauty products!  What would I do with out you?  Well for now, my eyes would be naked!  I’m just saying.



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