A Little Bit Of This, A little Bit Of Stache!

MOUSTACHE that is!

By now you all know how I feel about moustache’s.  If not see previous post “You Had Me At Moustache.” It’s an odd obsession really, considering I can’t grow them nor have I yet to date anyone with one.   Hmm…perhaps the novelty just hasn’t worn off yet?  Doubtful that’s the case since it’s been going strong since the 80’s and outlasted the mullet, the stache just might never fade away.

Good, because its MOVEMBER month.  I’m sure you know a few chaps growing or attempting to grow their moustache to raise awareness about cancers that affect men.  To show my support I’d thought I’d show some more love for the stache by posting about it again and sharing some more tid bits and photos.

My dad was telling me the other day that when I was I was little, he sat me up on the counter to watch him shave off his 80’s moustache.  Of course, I’m intrigued! He shaves off half, stops, turns to me and asks “which side do you like better?”   I tell him confidently  “I like the moustache.  Please don’t shave it off.” He laughs and asks “why didn’t you stop me? It’s too late now because it’s half gone!”  I answer with an “I don’t know, but keep the half”   There you have it, my love for the stache is unexplainable but well established at a young age.  I’m just going to go with it.

If my mini tid bit of a story wasn’t entertaining enough, these funny photos might help.  I was hanging in San Clemente a few weeks ago and while at dinner I happened upon some permanent moustache’s.  Let’s just say that I was more than amused and couldn’t get enough.  Genius, funny, entertaining…I thought so.

Sport a moustache of some kind this month, have good fun with it and support MOVEMBER.  Help change the face of Men’s health for good!


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