Ice Tray half empty? Or half full?

Is it just me, or it utterly painful to take 2 minutes to fill the ice tray? For some reason, it’s like pulling teeth. I will put an empty ice tray back in the freezer and wish on the brightest star that it will magically refill itself. The thought of refilling and potentially spilling a river trail behind me is so unappealing and frustrating, I would rather drink warm water until I can’t take it anymore.

Then when I finally refill it I realize it really wasn’t that bad. Of course, I use all the ice and the cycle starts over.
Sad that this need for cold ice water has bugged me so that I feel the need to blog and share with you. I guess knowing that I’m not the only one that cannot stand filling ice-trays, will help me sleep at night.
Oh, the power of the ice-maker!


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2 responses to “ICE ICE BABY!

  • Carrie

    I hated that too. But I found here at the grocery store little plastic bags that you fill with water for ice cubes. They have little grooves in them for the cubes. You fill it, freeze it, then smash it against the counter and you have ice cubes. No messy drips from sink to freezer.

  • sotidbits

    OMG I must have!!! Must. How, where, when? Can you send? Do they have in the states? GENIUS!!!

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