Brown paper packages tied up w/strings…These are a few of my favorite things!

I’ve been on what I like to call a blogging haitus ever since the holidays.  Desperately seeking time to just relish in my thoughts, organize them in sensical yet witty jargon and post in a timely fashion.  None of the above happening as I had hoped which has led to some damn good abandoned tid bits.

I have a lot of favorite things I’ve been happening upon, hearing about, and/or acquiring and I must spread the love!

Having so many great finds on the brain can be overwhelming and detour me from posting – so I’m gonna take it one or two shout outs at a time.

Check it before you wreck it!


BOBBLE WATER BOBBLE – It’s genius and why haven’t I thought about this?  You know you’ve been there…So thirsty but all that you have access to is that questionable sink water or perhaps a cloudy stream while hiking up Griffith Park.  Have no fear, your Bobble is here!!!

Water Bobbles Complete me



While on my way to Palm Springs this past weekend, I quickly stopped in at one of my all time favorite super freshy fab wine/gift store, Venokado.  Oh how I love thee.  Venokado first.  Owners/Sisters Susan & Molly second.  Bobble Water Bottle third 😉 They seriously have the best new fresh products – I begged incessantly to be allowed on their next buying adventure.  Neither here no there – so I run in, start chatting with Susan to enlist her in client gift shenanigans.  Before we get too far into it, what does my wandering eye see…this fabulous water bottle with a built in filter.

My Water Bobble of Choice

It’s uber cute, clean and sleak  design/packaging.  Easy to Grip and squeeze.  The lightest thing ever.  And it freakin filters your water no matter where you decide to fill it up.  Affordable!  Good for environment.  GENIUS!  One for you, one for me and one for all my other friends with birthdays coming up.  I brought mine to Palm Springs to hydrate me on our weekend shenanigans of saying “yes to life” our awesomely silly campaign motto to raise money for a charity.  It was a hit – so much so – my cousin just texted me that she had to have one and bought.  Yay!

Venokado Clutch Gift

Venokado packaged it up so fantastically – color matching all of the  items of course 😉 Pairing it with a fun wine and good smelling treats made for a well rounded basket.  Stop in or check them out online: tell them I sent you and give them a high five for me.

Rachel just recently gave me the heads up of some awesome deals online at the BOBBLE STORE.  Buy a few and all different sizes at some great prices.  Gifts gifts and more gifts.  Even great for corporate gifts.  It really does make water better.  Just don’t text me asking me how to clean it (rachel;)) read the instructions.



Yes, you heard me.  When S’mores, muffins and cupcakes have babies. And throw in the option to dip them in chocolate and you’ve died and gone to S’Muffin Heaven!


Ok, if you are over Sprinkles cupcakes and every other same old same old cupcakery around town then you MUST taste these! All I ask is to note they are Not cupcakes!  They are S’MUFFINS!   Worth every last calorie.  They are my new favorite gift to get delivered.  When you want to give the gift that keeps giving straight to the ass but will be thanked for later and worth it…Try, buy, lick your sticky fingers and save the gym for the day after! And that is coming from me….So you know it’s worth it!



Customer service was amazing.  They specialized my order, under promised at my last minute change of plans and Over Delivered! I was so pleased.

I kid you not when I say within 5 minutes of the confirmation email that they had been delivered I received messages that these cupcake like muffin things arrived and were AH-MAY-ZING!  I was told they lasted a hot second and asked to Gimme Gimme More!

Done and Done.

Check S’MUFFINS out.  It’s a totally fresh new spin on some tasty treats.  I love love love and am planning my next S’MUFFIN Attack!


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3 responses to “Brown paper packages tied up w/strings…These are a few of my favorite things!

  • Rachel Coffin

    I cleaned it, but not sure if it was done correctly. I need a life coach to assist me with my daily issues….FML

  • Amy

    I got my Bobble randomly at an American Apparel store in Camarillo on the way home from girls wine weekend… I feel like a bad friend for not telling you about it now… but SMUFFINS holy hell… looks amazing.

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