Lazy Bakin’

My Saturday began at the wee hour of 6:45am when a furry lil chocolate terrierpoo named Henry thought it would be funny to pounce on my face.  I’m watching my friends fluffy lil pupsters and apparently, they don’t appreciate the art of sleeping in like my dog Roxy does.  Roxy had a look on her face like, Bi&%! don’t bother me! Needless to say, I was up and running at mock speed the rest of the day. After a busy day of pups, vet, groomers,  lunch at The Corner Cafe (where everyone knows our name) with my besty, mean clean apartment machine shenanigans, grocery shopping and a Fro Yo run (had to get er done) I’m officially pooped!!  Running on no food since lunch and too tired to cook – what does one do?  Whip out my lazy bake shenanigans!

My Lazy Girl’s (no bake) dinner:

Lazy Bake Dinner

Shockingly, this was really filling and quite satisfying.  Well, almost.  It wasn’t quite complete until….

Lazy Bake Dessert

…Until NOW! When dessert baking is a no go – then Fro Yo!

That’s my motto and I’m happily sticking to it.  And no, I didn’t eat the whole quart but at 8cals per 1 ounce, I could and it would still be less than most snacks!  That’s chocolate, banana and creamy peanut butter flavors in my belly.   Now, my Lazy Girl’s No Bake night is complete!

I can go to bed a happy Fro Yo Girl.

Just for fun – here’s a pic of the pup squad I got going on – fresh out of the grooming wagon sprinkled with a little Roxy on top 😉  They had a great day at our favorite Doggy Daycare & Grooming – The Dog House (on 3rd)  Thanks for tiring out the pup squad – they left happy happy joy joy 🙂

Pup Squad: 1 and 2 and 3


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