Getting Back To The Skinny


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I was feeling the need to resurrect some of my old skinny (pant-less) tricks when I happened upon one of my first blog posts in 2008.  It’s funny to see how much has changed and yet how much stays the same.   It definitely gave me a good laugh- yet again – and reminded me how, dare I say, genius this was.   Had to repost for your reading pleasure.  Enjoy.


I discovered a great new trick to keep the weight off – Eat your meals naked!!!
Happened upon this great little discovery last night as I was making/eating dinner without my pants on.  Why wasn’t I wearing pants?
I was going out last night and needed to shrink or tighten up the jeans I had worn all day so they didn’t look so frumpy and baggy – I had no time – so being the multi-tasker that I am, I took my pants off, threw them in the dryer and continued making dinner.
Dinner is ready – pants are still in dryer, so I ate my dinner without pants on….let me tell you….there’s just something about being able to feel/see any flab and imperfections that just really makes you full!  Seriously!   Completely stuffed!  Put a fork in me – I’m done!!!  Literally (said in an english accent)
And what I want to know is – why do ads, tv commercials, shows/movies/etc., always show chicks in their underwear or w/pretty much nothing on – always eating or cooking something?  B/c they aren’t catering to me – b/c I don’t care how skinny – I’m not about to prance around in my undies while scarfing down a egg wrap full of delicious goodness….It’s like watching the calories go directly to your ass!! WHO DOES THAT!!!  I’m just saying…..
Not me, that’s for sure – well, actually – now that I discovered I was full after eating half my dinner – Hells bells maybe this will be a regular thing….Hello nakey goodbye bakey!!!

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2 responses to “Getting Back To The Skinny

  • Claudia

    Glad you got that as women we don’t get certain men’s movies – but in reading your post – I’m very intrigued by the no pants eating!? This sounds like a Bethenny Frankel diet tip (or maybe your publishing brilliant idea). But my real questions – fro yo – is it better than yogurtland or the same? If so, why? I’m not a pinkberry fan but LOVE me some yogurtland. Don’t know if I can cheat on my first love

    • sotidbits

      Yogurtland is not the same as my FroYo. Although yogurtland is good, it’s definitely a creamier texture and often makes my stomach hurt. Also, overhyped and high in calories. They make you think it’s not bad but it’s not good, then when all they supply is a one size fits all of a giant cup – it’s almost impossible to keep portions in check.

      My FroYo is a specific brand called Carbo8 or Carblite. Lactose Free, Carb Free, Fat Free, and ONLY 8 Cals/Oz. I know – how can it be good – thats the miracle of it. The texture – perfect. Well I prefer to refreeze it. I like the taste and texture better after I’ve given it just a few minutes out of the freezer. Not so creamy/melty and doesn’t cause my stomach to hurt when I refreeze. Must be some chemistry stats for that. And the flavors – AWESOME AND ENDLESS. So many people are skeptics and then I convince them of the healing power. Mainly mom and pop FroYo/Sandwich shops will carry. It’s so so so good. If you live in Hollywood area – go see Carmelita at her shop – Beverly Frozen Yogurt. We are working on a new name and better curb appeal – but until then, the flavors and customer service say it all. say goodbye to your yogurtland. Promise.

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