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And it’s definitely not the Bare Necessities!

A few weeks ago I had a run in with a large streak of bad luck.  Emotional, distressed and obviously not thinking clearly, I naturally turned to home shopping. What resulted was the purchase of a Bare Escentuals Mineral Makeup starter kit.  I don’t know how it happened, but it did. For the record, I didn’t seek it out – it sought me out…speaking sweet nothings in my ear until I gave in.

Okay, perhaps we should back up just a tid-bit in order to paint a better picture of the state of mind I was in.  Recently, I purchased a super cutey fresh mini cooper – yayy!  2 weeks of ownership was serving me well until suffering the slings and arrows of outrageous misfortune.  Booo!

Within in span of 7 days, a series of unfortunate events happened:  First, there was a bright and shiny head of pliers chilling on Olympic Blvd. Out of all the tires in Los Angeles it had to run into mine. Pliers!! WTF. Where, why and how??? I don’t know how pliers get in the middle of the road, yet alone in my tire – but it did.  Luckily, it all went down outside a FroYo shop, HA! The irony of it all.  What’s a girl to do but to indulge in some delicious icy goodness to serve as a much needed distraction while she waited for roadside 😉 When life throws you lemons, make fro yo!

Then..there was what I liked to call ‘the bumper car situation!’ You see, our work parking lot is a bit of clusterf$%k of double parking and musical cars.  Which usually means me blocking in my boss’s car.  So when the Boss Man had to book it fast to a meeting, I then had to hightail it out to move…instead of driving forward (naturally), I put my name down flipped it and reversed it = went backwards! LIKE AN IDIOT!!! Outlook not good – the noise said it all.  I hit a freakin parked car.  A completely dented/rusted/scratched up parked car, but a parked car nonetheless.  Really?  C’mon! My brand new car = big dent and crack.  Beater car got another dent to add to it’s collection.  Honestly, I could have not said anything and the owner probably would never even had known – that’s how dented up it already was…But, I left a note.  Damn you O’Neill!! A tail spin of BS, negotiating and paying the price for crap is what resulted.  THATS 2 for 2!!!  And leaves 1 more…and so it did…the next day.  I had been on my way to meet up with some friends when I decided to test my luck, LIKE AN IDIOT, yet again!!!  Parking in a questionable parking lot b/c everyone else was (yeah yeah yeah) = TOWAGE!   At that point, what the hell… just keep it!   Thats when the flooding of tear drops and despair reared it’s ugly swollen head.  I was a hot mess.  All that being said, I knew at some point I’d be able to look back and laugh so I made sure to strike a pose and get some photos documenting the shenanigans of it all.

The Pliers! A full set

Breakdown #1 - Luckily it landed me here. Fate?

At least I got Fro Yo and an extra set of pliers!

Incident #2 - Bumper Cars

Incident #3 - Rescuing my car from the pound

I woke up the next morning and realized that the last 7 days had put me roughly 1k in the hole – and left a permanent reminder (aka dent) in my cars bootay and my wallet.  So naturally 😉  I did what any emotional girl would do…I turned to Leslie, creator of Bare Escentuals, in order to fix all my probs.  I had flipped on the TV at 7am that Sunday and saw Leslie’s face staring back at me.  She was like an old friend that resurfaced.  I felt like we’d been friends forever.  She was basically telling me all my troubles would be much better if I had flawless glowing skin with the bare escentuals. Boy oh boy, that woman was good.  I believed everything she was telling me, demonstrating, and promising.  I wanted those Bare Escentuals.  I need to have them.  I figured, shiiit…$29.99 is a bargain in comparison to everything else.  And I get a free mascara, from her spin-off line – btw.  So I did (Naturally, of course).  I  received.  I tried.  I tried again.  I watched the DVD.  I mixed up the basic steps.  When I finally got it right – still no bueno.  I used it for a few days and honestly, I was not impressed in the least. I had high hopes.  Friends had tried and liked and Leslie really had some convincing testimonials.  I thought this would replace MY bare essentials.  I had hoped it would be faster too. None of the above.  It took longer.  My skin felt dryer and tight – very tight.  The coverage seemed so heavy, yet, it wasn’t covering.  By the end of the day my face wasn’t looking to purdy.  No glows of any kind were happening.  LIES I tell you.  All lies.  In my opinion, it is not the #1 Makeup.  However, I know for some people it works great.  Just not for me 🙂

Not so Essential

My package of Bare Escentuals I was gladly returning

This is why Fro Yo is the smarter way to go.  A great option for immediate guilt-free indulgence and satisfaction. 1/4 of the cost and comes with a 5 minute spin-off therapy session from Ms. Carmelita – Fro Yo Dealer extraordinaire! Lesson Learned.

I actually returned the Bare Escentuals right away. I even sent back the free mascara because it was also, not good.  It made my lashes stiff and sticky.   I also realized, I have three ESSENTIALS of my own for delivering FULL COVERAGE with minimal makeup that takes 5 minutes flat.  Why wasn’t I satisfied or not trust my 29 years of makeup application on myself and others?  I think sometimes we need to prove what’s best for ourselves by trying out what’s best for other people.   And then Boo yeah!  It’s in the makeup bag baby and speaking of, I’ve included some of MY essentials for getting awesome, light weight, full GLOWING coverage. All of which are available at Target or any drug store and are much cheaper.

Mineral Power Natural Perfecting Concealer by Maybelline

Loose Powder by Sonia Kashuk

Mascara is by Fresh

Powder & Blush Brush by MAC

My makeup picks = Light weight, Great coverage






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5 responses to “BARELY ESSENTIAL

  • Amy

    With a fairytale ending, bravo twin, you always come up on top with some witty quips to guide your readers gracefully through the tales of woe, lesson’s learned and triumph. *STANDING APPLAUSE*

  • sotidbits

    Thanks Twin…You definitely helped get me out of my funk and I appreciate you not disapproving my purchase at the time – you understood and didn’t judge when I made that purchase. You just got it. You knew it was what I needed at the time even if it wasn’t “what” i needed. xoxo – thank you for all your support and participation in my adventures in shenanigans!

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  • Claudia

    I’ve been feeling the pressure to get Bare Minerals – but after reading this, I don’t think so. I’m much more a fan of Rite Aid and Target makeup finds. And now I might pick up a few you mentioned!

    • sotidbits

      Definitely stick to target finds – they are the best! Can’t beat $5 eyeshadow that lasts 6mo or longer. Shoot when my friend and I do makeup on catalogue shoots we use that stuff – when it’s good it’s good.

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