Collar Me Pretty & Hiking My Way To A Foodie Paradise!

The other day we (Roxy and I) got the most awesome package from our Bestest (Suzanna & Razzle). I think it’s safe to say that it was a prezzy for Roxy for MY 30th bday.  That bitch is always stealing my thunder. 😉 I guess Razzle didn’t want Roxy to feel left out of the spotlight, heaven forbid. Can I just say (again), It is the most awesome hand painted/embossed gorgeous leather collar. Susan’s sister, Nicole, owns the shop – Four Robins – where she custom makes all different kinds of hand crafted leather dog collars! So freshy cute.  They size them perfectly to fit the girth (such an obnoxious word but it was fitting-ish) of your pupster’s neck! We Love Love Loved. Roxy will be rocking her sugar skulls like you wouldn’t believe. Putting the Rox in Roxstar!
Check her stuff out if you have pups!

Hand painted Sugar Skull Collar - Four Robins, Ltd.

On that note, I’m uber excited to take Roxy hiking up Fryman so she can showcase her new collar.  It’s a fantastic & new favorite hiking spot.  I’m pretty sure it’s only new to me – which has had me kicking myself that I’ve spent the 1-2 years stuck in a Runyon rut. Although it’s quick and easy and was fun at first – Runyon isn’t really as ‘amazing’ as it’s cracked up to be.  I say that now – HA!  I suppose It’s partially because I take the boring part, that being said – again – it might just be me.  A few weeks ago my twin (Amy) told me about her awesome hike up Fryman in Studio City.  We went last weekend and BAM!  It had me at beautiful trees, wide looping trail, gorgeous views all around, an intermix of moderate and intermediate levels, the LACK of urine, dust, mobs of annoying people & off leash dogs plowing into me…Runyon is a thing of my past.  HELLO to FRYMAN HIKE!  It rocked.  A nice cherry on top was being spit out into a neighborhood of gorgeous homes on a tree lined street that I didn’t even know existed in LA.  It felt like I was in Northern California again.  Sigh of delight.

Amy stretching w/Frank-Kay b4 Fryman Hike last weekend

Me and Amy halfway point at Fryman last weekend.

Tomorrow morning my memories of last weekend’s hike-a-pades, will soon become a reality again. I have a date hike w/Twin (Amy) and Frank-kay!  YAY!  A gorgeous calorie burn with our pups and hanging with a besty- can’t beat that.

And then, let there be cake…cake ingredients…or any baking/cooking ingredients of the sort.   I’ll finally be hitting SURFAS in Culver City to go check out their packaging supplies so I can package up my brikkle & Fro.  I have a few other specialty items on my list like cheesecloth and coffee extract and from what I hear, I’ll end up with a lot more than what’s on my list if I’m not careful.   Brandy told me that I had to check this place out, ‘divine’ she said.  It’s been hard to get over there – Culver City is so close yet so far away.  So I’m really excited to finally check it out and start the creative packaging ideas flowing for TID BITS: A Choice Morsel; which by the way – has locked on a logo.  Woot woot.

Getting back to Surfas…it’s a hybrid store that caters to restaurants, gourmet foodies, and home chefs.  Bulk spices are ridiculously cheap, and there is also an extensive selection of professional bakeware along with kitchen appliances. Chocolates, cheeses, cured meats… I’ve been told that this is a great place to go to if you are making cupcakes, candies, favors, for weddings, baby showers, or bridal showers.  I wish I would have known that when I was juggling the bridesmaid duty in 5 weddings last year – wah wah.   I’m so excited to go there as they also have a cafe (looks divine) to break and feed our bellies, a test kitchen where they have classes/demonstrations galore and I can’t wait to find all those specialty chocolates and cheeses that are damn near impossible to get anywhere else.  The jackpot will be hit –  you betcha by golly.

The word on the street is that this place is dangerous…for your wallet!  Uh oh.  Go with a list and a friend to help lock it up and regulate – that’s what I am doing.  I plan to hopefully report back with good finds & Adventures in TidBits Shenanigans.  Until then, enjoy your weekend – I know I will be 🙂


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One response to “Collar Me Pretty & Hiking My Way To A Foodie Paradise!

  • Amy

    Had SO much fun with you twin! Fryman with the pups, quick change and off to SURFAS which will be reviewed shortly with photos and all. We can just start off by saying it was like twins in a candy store, we both wanted the same things and had the same ooo’s & ahhh’s. Truly a treat makers dream come true!

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