The “ME” Factor!

Really?!?  It’s not all about ME? Okay fine, I’ll just think it is.

Me…I’m A Renaissance Woman: Entertainment Marketing Gal, Design Photographer of Life (paparazzi), Fit & Food Bossy, Design/Spacial/Organization Master, Small Spaces Decor Diva, Event-Party Planner, Dog Whisperer, Idea Lady and last but not least…Fro Yo Connoisseur.

Who said you had to be passionate, interested or an expert at just one thing?  My knowledge, interests, passions, motivators and experiences are constantly developing, changing, transforming and reshaping the structure of my life.  I don’t want stand still or sit in one place forever.  I want to experience, live, love, laugh and share!

I got old school flava and new school style.

Just trying to spice it up one entry at a time!

Blue Steel Master


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