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And it’s definitely not the Bare Necessities!

A few weeks ago I had a run in with a large streak of bad luck.  Emotional, distressed and obviously not thinking clearly, I naturally turned to home shopping. What resulted was the purchase of a Bare Escentuals Mineral Makeup starter kit.  I don’t know how it happened, but it did. For the record, I didn’t seek it out – it sought me out…speaking sweet nothings in my ear until I gave in.

Okay, perhaps we should back up just a tid-bit in order to paint a better picture of the state of mind I was in.  Recently, I purchased a super cutey fresh mini cooper – yayy!  2 weeks of ownership was serving me well until suffering the slings and arrows of outrageous misfortune.  Booo!

Within in span of 7 days, a series of unfortunate events happened:  First, there was a bright and shiny head of pliers chilling on Olympic Blvd. Out of all the tires in Los Angeles it had to run into mine. Pliers!! WTF. Where, why and how??? I don’t know how pliers get in the middle of the road, yet alone in my tire – but it did.  Luckily, it all went down outside a FroYo shop, HA! The irony of it all.  What’s a girl to do but to indulge in some delicious icy goodness to serve as a much needed distraction while she waited for roadside 😉 When life throws you lemons, make fro yo!

Then..there was what I liked to call ‘the bumper car situation!’ You see, our work parking lot is a bit of clusterf$%k of double parking and musical cars.  Which usually means me blocking in my boss’s car.  So when the Boss Man had to book it fast to a meeting, I then had to hightail it out to move…instead of driving forward (naturally), I put my name down flipped it and reversed it = went backwards! LIKE AN IDIOT!!! Outlook not good – the noise said it all.  I hit a freakin parked car.  A completely dented/rusted/scratched up parked car, but a parked car nonetheless.  Really?  C’mon! My brand new car = big dent and crack.  Beater car got another dent to add to it’s collection.  Honestly, I could have not said anything and the owner probably would never even had known – that’s how dented up it already was…But, I left a note.  Damn you O’Neill!! A tail spin of BS, negotiating and paying the price for crap is what resulted.  THATS 2 for 2!!!  And leaves 1 more…and so it did…the next day.  I had been on my way to meet up with some friends when I decided to test my luck, LIKE AN IDIOT, yet again!!!  Parking in a questionable parking lot b/c everyone else was (yeah yeah yeah) = TOWAGE!   At that point, what the hell… just keep it!   Thats when the flooding of tear drops and despair reared it’s ugly swollen head.  I was a hot mess.  All that being said, I knew at some point I’d be able to look back and laugh so I made sure to strike a pose and get some photos documenting the shenanigans of it all.

The Pliers! A full set

Breakdown #1 - Luckily it landed me here. Fate?

At least I got Fro Yo and an extra set of pliers!

Incident #2 - Bumper Cars

Incident #3 - Rescuing my car from the pound

I woke up the next morning and realized that the last 7 days had put me roughly 1k in the hole – and left a permanent reminder (aka dent) in my cars bootay and my wallet.  So naturally 😉  I did what any emotional girl would do…I turned to Leslie, creator of Bare Escentuals, in order to fix all my probs.  I had flipped on the TV at 7am that Sunday and saw Leslie’s face staring back at me.  She was like an old friend that resurfaced.  I felt like we’d been friends forever.  She was basically telling me all my troubles would be much better if I had flawless glowing skin with the bare escentuals. Boy oh boy, that woman was good.  I believed everything she was telling me, demonstrating, and promising.  I wanted those Bare Escentuals.  I need to have them.  I figured, shiiit…$29.99 is a bargain in comparison to everything else.  And I get a free mascara, from her spin-off line – btw.  So I did (Naturally, of course).  I  received.  I tried.  I tried again.  I watched the DVD.  I mixed up the basic steps.  When I finally got it right – still no bueno.  I used it for a few days and honestly, I was not impressed in the least. I had high hopes.  Friends had tried and liked and Leslie really had some convincing testimonials.  I thought this would replace MY bare essentials.  I had hoped it would be faster too. None of the above.  It took longer.  My skin felt dryer and tight – very tight.  The coverage seemed so heavy, yet, it wasn’t covering.  By the end of the day my face wasn’t looking to purdy.  No glows of any kind were happening.  LIES I tell you.  All lies.  In my opinion, it is not the #1 Makeup.  However, I know for some people it works great.  Just not for me 🙂

Not so Essential

My package of Bare Escentuals I was gladly returning

This is why Fro Yo is the smarter way to go.  A great option for immediate guilt-free indulgence and satisfaction. 1/4 of the cost and comes with a 5 minute spin-off therapy session from Ms. Carmelita – Fro Yo Dealer extraordinaire! Lesson Learned.

I actually returned the Bare Escentuals right away. I even sent back the free mascara because it was also, not good.  It made my lashes stiff and sticky.   I also realized, I have three ESSENTIALS of my own for delivering FULL COVERAGE with minimal makeup that takes 5 minutes flat.  Why wasn’t I satisfied or not trust my 29 years of makeup application on myself and others?  I think sometimes we need to prove what’s best for ourselves by trying out what’s best for other people.   And then Boo yeah!  It’s in the makeup bag baby and speaking of, I’ve included some of MY essentials for getting awesome, light weight, full GLOWING coverage. All of which are available at Target or any drug store and are much cheaper.

Mineral Power Natural Perfecting Concealer by Maybelline

Loose Powder by Sonia Kashuk

Mascara is by Fresh

Powder & Blush Brush by MAC

My makeup picks = Light weight, Great coverage






Getting Back To The Skinny


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I was feeling the need to resurrect some of my old skinny (pant-less) tricks when I happened upon one of my first blog posts in 2008.  It’s funny to see how much has changed and yet how much stays the same.   It definitely gave me a good laugh- yet again – and reminded me how, dare I say, genius this was.   Had to repost for your reading pleasure.  Enjoy.


I discovered a great new trick to keep the weight off – Eat your meals naked!!!
Happened upon this great little discovery last night as I was making/eating dinner without my pants on.  Why wasn’t I wearing pants?
I was going out last night and needed to shrink or tighten up the jeans I had worn all day so they didn’t look so frumpy and baggy – I had no time – so being the multi-tasker that I am, I took my pants off, threw them in the dryer and continued making dinner.
Dinner is ready – pants are still in dryer, so I ate my dinner without pants on….let me tell you….there’s just something about being able to feel/see any flab and imperfections that just really makes you full!  Seriously!   Completely stuffed!  Put a fork in me – I’m done!!!  Literally (said in an english accent)
And what I want to know is – why do ads, tv commercials, shows/movies/etc., always show chicks in their underwear or w/pretty much nothing on – always eating or cooking something?  B/c they aren’t catering to me – b/c I don’t care how skinny – I’m not about to prance around in my undies while scarfing down a egg wrap full of delicious goodness….It’s like watching the calories go directly to your ass!! WHO DOES THAT!!!  I’m just saying…..
Not me, that’s for sure – well, actually – now that I discovered I was full after eating half my dinner – Hells bells maybe this will be a regular thing….Hello nakey goodbye bakey!!!

Lazy Bakin’

My Saturday began at the wee hour of 6:45am when a furry lil chocolate terrierpoo named Henry thought it would be funny to pounce on my face.  I’m watching my friends fluffy lil pupsters and apparently, they don’t appreciate the art of sleeping in like my dog Roxy does.  Roxy had a look on her face like, Bi&%! don’t bother me! Needless to say, I was up and running at mock speed the rest of the day. After a busy day of pups, vet, groomers,  lunch at The Corner Cafe (where everyone knows our name) with my besty, mean clean apartment machine shenanigans, grocery shopping and a Fro Yo run (had to get er done) I’m officially pooped!!  Running on no food since lunch and too tired to cook – what does one do?  Whip out my lazy bake shenanigans!

My Lazy Girl’s (no bake) dinner:

Lazy Bake Dinner

Shockingly, this was really filling and quite satisfying.  Well, almost.  It wasn’t quite complete until….

Lazy Bake Dessert

…Until NOW! When dessert baking is a no go – then Fro Yo!

That’s my motto and I’m happily sticking to it.  And no, I didn’t eat the whole quart but at 8cals per 1 ounce, I could and it would still be less than most snacks!  That’s chocolate, banana and creamy peanut butter flavors in my belly.   Now, my Lazy Girl’s No Bake night is complete!

I can go to bed a happy Fro Yo Girl.

Just for fun – here’s a pic of the pup squad I got going on – fresh out of the grooming wagon sprinkled with a little Roxy on top 😉  They had a great day at our favorite Doggy Daycare & Grooming – The Dog House (on 3rd)  Thanks for tiring out the pup squad – they left happy happy joy joy 🙂

Pup Squad: 1 and 2 and 3

Tid Bits…and Pieces

Men's Health Logo

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These days, it seems like everyone is looking for the cliff notes to even the most basic breakdowns.  Or maybe it makes me feel better to believe that is the case.  Regardless, new information is constantly changing, in and out, hot and cold, yes and then no…you get the picture.  I can barely get through a magazine fast enough before the info I’m reading is already old news on a blog somewhere.  All that being said, I like it short-sweet-and-to-the-point!  I retain information better that way.  Reading through my Dad’s, Men’s Health Magazine – I jotted down some fun random Tid-bits that apparently I thought were worth repeating. I guess you could call it, the cliff notes on fun ‘shawna’ facts.

I actually think Men’s Health Magazine is one of the Best magazine for ladies – You get all the tips, advise and priceless information that just might help in understanding this insane creature we love to hate called ‘man.’ And let’s not forget to mention that there are really hot gorgeous men throughout AND guys always seem to have the best fit tips and exercises.

Take a gander and a mental note – you’ll have random fun tid-bits to talk about this weekend instead of the usual “how bout them apples?…I mean Dodgers!” :

Food For Thought:

  • For all you beer drinkers that want healthy options…really?  Well in case you are one of them, heres some knowledge that will help quench your thirst…If you want a healthy beer option, stick to a STOUT.  Guinness is a great option – Rich taste and helps reduce blood clots and heart attacks.  What’s not to love, bigger bang for your buck.
  • Did you know that once you hit the point of being thirsty, you’re already dehydrated?  Which means that once you are dehydrated, the amount of water in the body has already dropped below what’s needed for normal body function.  So make sure to grab your Water Bobble and suck it down!  My personal trick – Try adding part of an EmergenC vitamin pack for  a light great taste that will give you energy, ward off the flu and help you drink up faster!
  • Unnecessary weight gain isn’t about eating too much food, it’s about eating too much food that’s NOT food.
  • Wednesday is the best day to shop for groceries.  Besides the fact that running into Trader Joe’s on a Sunday or Monday evening will make you want to cause bodily harm – Wednesdays can help save your wallet and your insanity.  Most promotions start on Wednesdays, less people do their shopping mid week which results in more to choose from and faster in/out .  There’s also an interesting study that showed people using a credit/debit card spend 70% more on junk food.
  • Try eating a meal in silence.  People eat more when distracted and the quality in taste goes down. A food quality study showed diners who ate in noisy settings reported that the food TASTED less appealing. Hmmm…
  • If you really think about this, it totally makes sense and works: Planning responses to hunger help you stick to your diet. (ie.  If I get hungry in 5 minutes, I’ll have gum.  If I get hungry in 15 minutes, I’ll eat some carrots)

Fun Facts:

  • Put those phones down texty mctextersons! Apparently, frequent texters are more likely to be lonely and more anxious – according to a recent study.
  • 33% of married women think their pets are better listeners than husbands.  Is this why I’m still single?  Is it because I can picture a lifetime with my dog Roxy and can be somewhat okay with that?  Oh geez.  Not only Fro Yo Girl but I’ll add Dog Lady to my resume 😉

Until my next Friday night in (that I love and often prefer over a night on the town) of stuffing my face with a big bowl of air popped popcorn, Roxy at my side, watching David Tutera’s ‘My Fair Wedding’ and Say Yes to the Dress and then stuffing my face again with my 8cal/oz AHH MAY Zing FRO YO, all while sifting through a stack of magazines collecting random tid-bits for you – I bid adieu!

Brown paper packages tied up w/strings…These are a few of my favorite things!

I’ve been on what I like to call a blogging haitus ever since the holidays.  Desperately seeking time to just relish in my thoughts, organize them in sensical yet witty jargon and post in a timely fashion.  None of the above happening as I had hoped which has led to some damn good abandoned tid bits.

I have a lot of favorite things I’ve been happening upon, hearing about, and/or acquiring and I must spread the love!

Having so many great finds on the brain can be overwhelming and detour me from posting – so I’m gonna take it one or two shout outs at a time.

Check it before you wreck it!


BOBBLE WATER BOBBLE – It’s genius and why haven’t I thought about this?  You know you’ve been there…So thirsty but all that you have access to is that questionable sink water or perhaps a cloudy stream while hiking up Griffith Park.  Have no fear, your Bobble is here!!!

Water Bobbles Complete me



While on my way to Palm Springs this past weekend, I quickly stopped in at one of my all time favorite super freshy fab wine/gift store, Venokado.  Oh how I love thee.  Venokado first.  Owners/Sisters Susan & Molly second.  Bobble Water Bottle third 😉 They seriously have the best new fresh products – I begged incessantly to be allowed on their next buying adventure.  Neither here no there – so I run in, start chatting with Susan to enlist her in client gift shenanigans.  Before we get too far into it, what does my wandering eye see…this fabulous water bottle with a built in filter.

My Water Bobble of Choice

It’s uber cute, clean and sleak  design/packaging.  Easy to Grip and squeeze.  The lightest thing ever.  And it freakin filters your water no matter where you decide to fill it up.  Affordable!  Good for environment.  GENIUS!  One for you, one for me and one for all my other friends with birthdays coming up.  I brought mine to Palm Springs to hydrate me on our weekend shenanigans of saying “yes to life” our awesomely silly campaign motto to raise money for a charity.  It was a hit – so much so – my cousin just texted me that she had to have one and bought.  Yay!

Venokado Clutch Gift

Venokado packaged it up so fantastically – color matching all of the  items of course 😉 Pairing it with a fun wine and good smelling treats made for a well rounded basket.  Stop in or check them out online: tell them I sent you and give them a high five for me.

Rachel just recently gave me the heads up of some awesome deals online at the BOBBLE STORE.  Buy a few and all different sizes at some great prices.  Gifts gifts and more gifts.  Even great for corporate gifts.  It really does make water better.  Just don’t text me asking me how to clean it (rachel;)) read the instructions.



Yes, you heard me.  When S’mores, muffins and cupcakes have babies. And throw in the option to dip them in chocolate and you’ve died and gone to S’Muffin Heaven!


Ok, if you are over Sprinkles cupcakes and every other same old same old cupcakery around town then you MUST taste these! All I ask is to note they are Not cupcakes!  They are S’MUFFINS!   Worth every last calorie.  They are my new favorite gift to get delivered.  When you want to give the gift that keeps giving straight to the ass but will be thanked for later and worth it…Try, buy, lick your sticky fingers and save the gym for the day after! And that is coming from me….So you know it’s worth it!



Customer service was amazing.  They specialized my order, under promised at my last minute change of plans and Over Delivered! I was so pleased.

I kid you not when I say within 5 minutes of the confirmation email that they had been delivered I received messages that these cupcake like muffin things arrived and were AH-MAY-ZING!  I was told they lasted a hot second and asked to Gimme Gimme More!

Done and Done.

Check S’MUFFINS out.  It’s a totally fresh new spin on some tasty treats.  I love love love and am planning my next S’MUFFIN Attack!


Ice Tray half empty? Or half full?

Is it just me, or it utterly painful to take 2 minutes to fill the ice tray? For some reason, it’s like pulling teeth. I will put an empty ice tray back in the freezer and wish on the brightest star that it will magically refill itself. The thought of refilling and potentially spilling a river trail behind me is so unappealing and frustrating, I would rather drink warm water until I can’t take it anymore.

Then when I finally refill it I realize it really wasn’t that bad. Of course, I use all the ice and the cycle starts over.
Sad that this need for cold ice water has bugged me so that I feel the need to blog and share with you. I guess knowing that I’m not the only one that cannot stand filling ice-trays, will help me sleep at night.
Oh, the power of the ice-maker!

A Little Bit Of This, A little Bit Of Stache!

MOUSTACHE that is!

By now you all know how I feel about moustache’s.  If not see previous post “You Had Me At Moustache.” It’s an odd obsession really, considering I can’t grow them nor have I yet to date anyone with one.   Hmm…perhaps the novelty just hasn’t worn off yet?  Doubtful that’s the case since it’s been going strong since the 80’s and outlasted the mullet, the stache just might never fade away.

Good, because its MOVEMBER month.  I’m sure you know a few chaps growing or attempting to grow their moustache to raise awareness about cancers that affect men.  To show my support I’d thought I’d show some more love for the stache by posting about it again and sharing some more tid bits and photos.

My dad was telling me the other day that when I was I was little, he sat me up on the counter to watch him shave off his 80’s moustache.  Of course, I’m intrigued! He shaves off half, stops, turns to me and asks “which side do you like better?”   I tell him confidently  “I like the moustache.  Please don’t shave it off.” He laughs and asks “why didn’t you stop me? It’s too late now because it’s half gone!”  I answer with an “I don’t know, but keep the half”   There you have it, my love for the stache is unexplainable but well established at a young age.  I’m just going to go with it.

If my mini tid bit of a story wasn’t entertaining enough, these funny photos might help.  I was hanging in San Clemente a few weeks ago and while at dinner I happened upon some permanent moustache’s.  Let’s just say that I was more than amused and couldn’t get enough.  Genius, funny, entertaining…I thought so.

Sport a moustache of some kind this month, have good fun with it and support MOVEMBER.  Help change the face of Men’s health for good!

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