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Can I getta SCOOP…

Baby take a ride in my coupe…you make me want to FRO YO, FRO YO, FRO YO!

Perhaps I’m bringing addiction to a whole new level. Perhaps, but I’m okay with that. If Carbo-lite  8 cals/oz Fro Yo deliciousness makes me happy, then so be it! There could be a lot worse things.

I think a huge part of my addiction is my fro yo dealer, Carmelita. She’s keeps me coming back – that and the fact that she always let’s me choose what new flavors she switches up and then there’s the awesome, I mean awesome tub of fro yo for such low calories (unlike most of the Frozen Yogurt Chains). It’s also a good feeling to know the owners of our local small businesses bond with their customers and actually care about them. Carmelita has turned into such a great friend – she knows when I’m having a bad day, gives me guy advice (which is – don’t date men in west hollywood ;)), asks how my day was and actually wants to hear the answer, lets me taste every flavor over and over again and most of all – doesn’t judge my Fro Yo addiction!  If you’re feeling the lick of deliciousness and want a friendly face – go visit Carmelita at Beverly Frozen Yogurt in shopping center on corner of Beverly & Crescent Heights.

Here’s my *BIT TIP – it’s good to have a BIT of soft serve at the shop, but I think it’s better & cheaper (get biggest size) and take it home and refreeze it.  Take it out about 5-10 before you are gonna eat or scoop out a few TidBits – it’s perfect.  Not too soft, a little icy, flavorful – PERFECTION.  I think refreezing taste better, eat slower and doesn’t hurt your tum tum.  I took it to the last girls night gathering – OMG – it was like crows attacking, caw caw caw!

I love my local Fro Yo joint and can’t wait to for my TidBits & Bites to bring my FroYo 2 GoGo to everyone in Los Angeles area. Keep your eyes peeled, I’ll be in my “mini” FroYo-2-GoGo Mobile. Come follow me on Twitter to witness my FroYo shenanigans first hand and much more – trust! http://twitter.com/#!/SoTidBits

Until then (which will be soon), here’s some pics that show that THE PROOF IS DEFINITELY IN THE FRO YO!

**The flavors I chose today were: pistachio nut (by request), peanut butter (the best EVA), Maple Walnut, Almond nut**

FroYo Addiction

Don't judge my Fro-Yo addiction 😉

Couldn't decide so I got many: Pistachio, Peanut Butter, Maple Walnut, Almond Nut

At my favorite local shop w/Carmelita: Beverly Frozen Yogurt




Image by cjggbella via Flickr

And it’s definitely not the Bare Necessities!

A few weeks ago I had a run in with a large streak of bad luck.  Emotional, distressed and obviously not thinking clearly, I naturally turned to home shopping. What resulted was the purchase of a Bare Escentuals Mineral Makeup starter kit.  I don’t know how it happened, but it did. For the record, I didn’t seek it out – it sought me out…speaking sweet nothings in my ear until I gave in.

Okay, perhaps we should back up just a tid-bit in order to paint a better picture of the state of mind I was in.  Recently, I purchased a super cutey fresh mini cooper – yayy!  2 weeks of ownership was serving me well until suffering the slings and arrows of outrageous misfortune.  Booo!

Within in span of 7 days, a series of unfortunate events happened:  First, there was a bright and shiny head of pliers chilling on Olympic Blvd. Out of all the tires in Los Angeles it had to run into mine. Pliers!! WTF. Where, why and how??? I don’t know how pliers get in the middle of the road, yet alone in my tire – but it did.  Luckily, it all went down outside a FroYo shop, HA! The irony of it all.  What’s a girl to do but to indulge in some delicious icy goodness to serve as a much needed distraction while she waited for roadside 😉 When life throws you lemons, make fro yo!

Then..there was what I liked to call ‘the bumper car situation!’ You see, our work parking lot is a bit of clusterf$%k of double parking and musical cars.  Which usually means me blocking in my boss’s car.  So when the Boss Man had to book it fast to a meeting, I then had to hightail it out to move…instead of driving forward (naturally), I put my name down flipped it and reversed it = went backwards! LIKE AN IDIOT!!! Outlook not good – the noise said it all.  I hit a freakin parked car.  A completely dented/rusted/scratched up parked car, but a parked car nonetheless.  Really?  C’mon! My brand new car = big dent and crack.  Beater car got another dent to add to it’s collection.  Honestly, I could have not said anything and the owner probably would never even had known – that’s how dented up it already was…But, I left a note.  Damn you O’Neill!! A tail spin of BS, negotiating and paying the price for crap is what resulted.  THATS 2 for 2!!!  And leaves 1 more…and so it did…the next day.  I had been on my way to meet up with some friends when I decided to test my luck, LIKE AN IDIOT, yet again!!!  Parking in a questionable parking lot b/c everyone else was (yeah yeah yeah) = TOWAGE!   At that point, what the hell… just keep it!   Thats when the flooding of tear drops and despair reared it’s ugly swollen head.  I was a hot mess.  All that being said, I knew at some point I’d be able to look back and laugh so I made sure to strike a pose and get some photos documenting the shenanigans of it all.

The Pliers! A full set

Breakdown #1 - Luckily it landed me here. Fate?

At least I got Fro Yo and an extra set of pliers!

Incident #2 - Bumper Cars

Incident #3 - Rescuing my car from the pound

I woke up the next morning and realized that the last 7 days had put me roughly 1k in the hole – and left a permanent reminder (aka dent) in my cars bootay and my wallet.  So naturally 😉  I did what any emotional girl would do…I turned to Leslie, creator of Bare Escentuals, in order to fix all my probs.  I had flipped on the TV at 7am that Sunday and saw Leslie’s face staring back at me.  She was like an old friend that resurfaced.  I felt like we’d been friends forever.  She was basically telling me all my troubles would be much better if I had flawless glowing skin with the bare escentuals. Boy oh boy, that woman was good.  I believed everything she was telling me, demonstrating, and promising.  I wanted those Bare Escentuals.  I need to have them.  I figured, shiiit…$29.99 is a bargain in comparison to everything else.  And I get a free mascara, from her spin-off line – btw.  So I did (Naturally, of course).  I  received.  I tried.  I tried again.  I watched the DVD.  I mixed up the basic steps.  When I finally got it right – still no bueno.  I used it for a few days and honestly, I was not impressed in the least. I had high hopes.  Friends had tried and liked and Leslie really had some convincing testimonials.  I thought this would replace MY bare essentials.  I had hoped it would be faster too. None of the above.  It took longer.  My skin felt dryer and tight – very tight.  The coverage seemed so heavy, yet, it wasn’t covering.  By the end of the day my face wasn’t looking to purdy.  No glows of any kind were happening.  LIES I tell you.  All lies.  In my opinion, it is not the #1 Makeup.  However, I know for some people it works great.  Just not for me 🙂

Not so Essential

My package of Bare Escentuals I was gladly returning

This is why Fro Yo is the smarter way to go.  A great option for immediate guilt-free indulgence and satisfaction. 1/4 of the cost and comes with a 5 minute spin-off therapy session from Ms. Carmelita – Fro Yo Dealer extraordinaire! Lesson Learned.

I actually returned the Bare Escentuals right away. I even sent back the free mascara because it was also, not good.  It made my lashes stiff and sticky.   I also realized, I have three ESSENTIALS of my own for delivering FULL COVERAGE with minimal makeup that takes 5 minutes flat.  Why wasn’t I satisfied or not trust my 29 years of makeup application on myself and others?  I think sometimes we need to prove what’s best for ourselves by trying out what’s best for other people.   And then Boo yeah!  It’s in the makeup bag baby and speaking of, I’ve included some of MY essentials for getting awesome, light weight, full GLOWING coverage. All of which are available at Target or any drug store and are much cheaper.

Mineral Power Natural Perfecting Concealer by Maybelline

Loose Powder by Sonia Kashuk

Mascara is by Fresh

Powder & Blush Brush by MAC

My makeup picks = Light weight, Great coverage





Lazy Bakin’

My Saturday began at the wee hour of 6:45am when a furry lil chocolate terrierpoo named Henry thought it would be funny to pounce on my face.  I’m watching my friends fluffy lil pupsters and apparently, they don’t appreciate the art of sleeping in like my dog Roxy does.  Roxy had a look on her face like, Bi&%! don’t bother me! Needless to say, I was up and running at mock speed the rest of the day. After a busy day of pups, vet, groomers,  lunch at The Corner Cafe (where everyone knows our name) with my besty, mean clean apartment machine shenanigans, grocery shopping and a Fro Yo run (had to get er done) I’m officially pooped!!  Running on no food since lunch and too tired to cook – what does one do?  Whip out my lazy bake shenanigans!

My Lazy Girl’s (no bake) dinner:

Lazy Bake Dinner

Shockingly, this was really filling and quite satisfying.  Well, almost.  It wasn’t quite complete until….

Lazy Bake Dessert

…Until NOW! When dessert baking is a no go – then Fro Yo!

That’s my motto and I’m happily sticking to it.  And no, I didn’t eat the whole quart but at 8cals per 1 ounce, I could and it would still be less than most snacks!  That’s chocolate, banana and creamy peanut butter flavors in my belly.   Now, my Lazy Girl’s No Bake night is complete!

I can go to bed a happy Fro Yo Girl.

Just for fun – here’s a pic of the pup squad I got going on – fresh out of the grooming wagon sprinkled with a little Roxy on top 😉  They had a great day at our favorite Doggy Daycare & Grooming – The Dog House (on 3rd)  Thanks for tiring out the pup squad – they left happy happy joy joy 🙂

Pup Squad: 1 and 2 and 3

Words To EAT By!

[251-365] One day ... at the Hairdresser

Image by Beatriz AG via Flickr

My Hairdresser (Deanna) and I always dish over the latest and greatest healthy eating tips we’ve recently come across. Deanna came over to my dads the other day so I can get my ‘Hair Did’ (she’s decided to retire early but keeps a select few clients, which means I get front door service).  Of course, my dad decided to crash our hair party and started to talk about how I was whipping him into shape and have him on a food program that’s making him svelte again.  Although I appreciated the positive plug, we kicked him out before he could try to sell us tickets to the gun show! Ha!  Watch out you single ladies – Papa Mike is coming to town.  On that note, let’s keep moving.

Deanna soon confessed that she too struggled with weight early on. How did I not know this and yet, how do I not believe it?  She always looks amazing, thin and is always eating healthy. However, she explained that in the past she was always on the so called way of life ‘the diet’. UNTIL…She was let in on a secret.  A group of words really, molded together to form a sentence…a phrase, if you will!  Boy did she eat her words, literally.  The phrase stuck like cream cheese frosting on pumpkin spice cake.  Eating her words never tasted so Skinny! Genius! She has long since stopped dieting, eats healthy, eats what she wants but makes smart choices because she always keeps this magical phrase in mind (aka frame of mind) and follows her favorite quick thin tips (that I have since stolen):

1. Words to eat by:


Eat the real stuff, whatever stuff you crave.  Just don’t go overboard.  If you think about this as your eating, you’ll realize there’s no sense in shoveling that tasty goodness down your throat.  Are you racing your tastebuds?  Seeing how many licks does it take to get to the center of a…? If you think about it, there really isn’t any point in eating all the bites in the middle.  Taste it, have a few bites and then move on!


Deanna knows she’s always going to eat dessert.  She’s just a sweets girl and accepts that it’s going to be a part of her day.  (I’m not going to lie, same goes for me)  So a tip that works for her, she eats dessert first.  She knows she’s going to eat it regardless so if she eats it first, she won’t eat as much after.  It will keep you from going in for seconds and if you do – don’t eat that giant steak you were originally planning (save it for the next day).  It let’s you eat backwards.  Hey, if you know you’re gonna dip in the sweet sauce then just eat less of the rest.  Plus, knowing you just hoovered down a rich piece of chocolate cake might leave you feeling a little full.

3.  NATURAL FIRST – A Fruitless Effort!

When Deanna does what I like to call FRO YO or any ice cream for that matter, she loads the cup full of fruit FIRST! Fruit on the Bottom!  If you fill up the cup with tons of fruit and top it off with your favorite ice cream or low cal soft serve, it feels like a heaping mound of delicious good stuff with less of the bad stuff. In the words of NKOTB, it’s the “RIGHT STUFF!”  Tricking your brain – less ice cream, more fruit.  Eat it down since it’s mainly full of fruit.  Bottoms up!


Drink it, drink it, drink it.  Nuff said!  More of the green stuff, less of the brown stuff.  Still okay to continue to enjoy a coffee fix – just less of it! Drinking more green tea is just good for you.


Deanna is always moving. I rarely see her sitting down. Be that for work, around the house, staying active in her passions and interests.  It’s not even that she’s moving at warp speed, she’s just on her feet.  Leaves you less time to think about what goes in your mouth or sit and eat huge meals. However, make sure to snack!  Snack lightly, snack healthy, snack often (a So-Tid-Bit tip).


I’m still in love with #1.  I repeated that phrase to myself the other night when I found myself face first in a tub of Fro Yo close to finishing off the whole thing.  It worked!  It made sense and I suddenly lost interest in having to take it all down, discipline set in and I returned the tub of deliciousness back to it’s home in the freezer without regret. Done and Done.

It comes down to being aware and concsious of what goes in your mouth, the decisions you make and ultimately: It’s what works for you!!  Hope these tips were helpful and fun.



“It’s been a long time, I shouldn’t have left you…”

“Now I don’t mean to step you…Step one, Step two”
Not quite sure how that song goes but it’s something of that sorts. Hopefully you get the drift 😉

It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged and trust me when I say it’s been hard. I’ve got all these posts started, stories and tips to tell, ideas and photos to share but haven’t had the time this month to fully dedicate to getting them up and organized on this thing.

My lame excuse is simple; I was working. I’ve been freelancing this past month, getting back into the old gig so to speak.  Basically, I had an opportunity to fill in for someone doing what I used to do just at a different company.  It was a chance to see if I wanted to make the leap back in the industry. What industry do you dare to ask? The Theatrical Advertising Industry – where we make Movie Trailers. I will say, it was a fantastic month working at a fantastic company (MOTIVE CREATIVE) with some fantastic people . So in a nutshell, the gig was fantastic. It was great getting to work at a company with some old friends and amazing creative talent. The flair didn’t stop there,  it expanded right outside Motive where I got the opportunity to get up close and personal with THE ETHER: A group of  innovative, design visionaries.  I also liked to refer to them as, a kick ass graphics team led by Greg Kupiec.  For a snippet of what we’ve been doing all month, amongst a ton of other things, check out the 127 Hours Trailer hot off the press. Billy (owner/editor/producer) at Motive Creative made an emotional, gut wrenching and inspirational piece (trailer) for 127 HOURS starring the crazy sexy cool, James Franco. The movie is based on an amazing true story of Aaron Ralston and how he had to cut off his own arm when he got stuck in a canyon.  Actually, Motive did the Teaser too.  But while I was there it was just the Trailer we worked on – and it’s my favorite of the two. When I started there and saw a cut of the trailer for the first time, I shed a some tears, sweat and got goose bumps.  All from a movie trailer! DAMN. Oh and let’s not forget to mention the music cue showcased called “The Funeral” by Band of Horse – just makes that piece fly!  Anyway, it was a great experience getting to work on all the projects and definitely made me realize I could jump back in the business if it was with the right place. Check out the trailer that literally was just put up on apple: http://trailers.apple.com/trailers/fox_searchlight/127hours/


Check out the new Trailer


That being said, I was working all month and happened to hit it at an insanely busy time that equated to very long hours.  By all means, I was more than happy to work those hours for the time being, however, that is why I left you for a bit.  I didn’t have the time and when I did have the time, I didn’t have the energy to make sense of my thoughts.  My vow to not let my blog hang by the wayside, did in fact, hang out for a bit.  Just a bit.  A TID BIT!

Have no fear, stay tuned – very soon – for all sorts of goods…good stuff, that is!  I won’t let you down.  Here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect:

WHAT’S EATING YOU?? – Food, food, food, dessert, food and more food (all low cal recipes/ideas of course)


HOSTESS WITH THE MOSTESS (Host & Houseguest tips – through the eyes of moi)



MY TOP DATE PLACES (if i were to actually date ;))



MUCH MUCH MORE!!!!  Seriously, it’s going to be a blog storm! So check back and keep reading.  Comments are always welcome too…

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