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Can I getta SCOOP…

Baby take a ride in my coupe…you make me want to FRO YO, FRO YO, FRO YO!

Perhaps I’m bringing addiction to a whole new level. Perhaps, but I’m okay with that. If Carbo-lite  8 cals/oz Fro Yo deliciousness makes me happy, then so be it! There could be a lot worse things.

I think a huge part of my addiction is my fro yo dealer, Carmelita. She’s keeps me coming back – that and the fact that she always let’s me choose what new flavors she switches up and then there’s the awesome, I mean awesome tub of fro yo for such low calories (unlike most of the Frozen Yogurt Chains). It’s also a good feeling to know the owners of our local small businesses bond with their customers and actually care about them. Carmelita has turned into such a great friend – she knows when I’m having a bad day, gives me guy advice (which is – don’t date men in west hollywood ;)), asks how my day was and actually wants to hear the answer, lets me taste every flavor over and over again and most of all – doesn’t judge my Fro Yo addiction!  If you’re feeling the lick of deliciousness and want a friendly face – go visit Carmelita at Beverly Frozen Yogurt in shopping center on corner of Beverly & Crescent Heights.

Here’s my *BIT TIP – it’s good to have a BIT of soft serve at the shop, but I think it’s better & cheaper (get biggest size) and take it home and refreeze it.  Take it out about 5-10 before you are gonna eat or scoop out a few TidBits – it’s perfect.  Not too soft, a little icy, flavorful – PERFECTION.  I think refreezing taste better, eat slower and doesn’t hurt your tum tum.  I took it to the last girls night gathering – OMG – it was like crows attacking, caw caw caw!

I love my local Fro Yo joint and can’t wait to for my TidBits & Bites to bring my FroYo 2 GoGo to everyone in Los Angeles area. Keep your eyes peeled, I’ll be in my “mini” FroYo-2-GoGo Mobile. Come follow me on Twitter to witness my FroYo shenanigans first hand and much more – trust! http://twitter.com/#!/SoTidBits

Until then (which will be soon), here’s some pics that show that THE PROOF IS DEFINITELY IN THE FRO YO!

**The flavors I chose today were: pistachio nut (by request), peanut butter (the best EVA), Maple Walnut, Almond nut**

FroYo Addiction

Don't judge my Fro-Yo addiction 😉

Couldn't decide so I got many: Pistachio, Peanut Butter, Maple Walnut, Almond Nut

At my favorite local shop w/Carmelita: Beverly Frozen Yogurt




Image by cjggbella via Flickr

And it’s definitely not the Bare Necessities!

A few weeks ago I had a run in with a large streak of bad luck.  Emotional, distressed and obviously not thinking clearly, I naturally turned to home shopping. What resulted was the purchase of a Bare Escentuals Mineral Makeup starter kit.  I don’t know how it happened, but it did. For the record, I didn’t seek it out – it sought me out…speaking sweet nothings in my ear until I gave in.

Okay, perhaps we should back up just a tid-bit in order to paint a better picture of the state of mind I was in.  Recently, I purchased a super cutey fresh mini cooper – yayy!  2 weeks of ownership was serving me well until suffering the slings and arrows of outrageous misfortune.  Booo!

Within in span of 7 days, a series of unfortunate events happened:  First, there was a bright and shiny head of pliers chilling on Olympic Blvd. Out of all the tires in Los Angeles it had to run into mine. Pliers!! WTF. Where, why and how??? I don’t know how pliers get in the middle of the road, yet alone in my tire – but it did.  Luckily, it all went down outside a FroYo shop, HA! The irony of it all.  What’s a girl to do but to indulge in some delicious icy goodness to serve as a much needed distraction while she waited for roadside 😉 When life throws you lemons, make fro yo!

Then..there was what I liked to call ‘the bumper car situation!’ You see, our work parking lot is a bit of clusterf$%k of double parking and musical cars.  Which usually means me blocking in my boss’s car.  So when the Boss Man had to book it fast to a meeting, I then had to hightail it out to move…instead of driving forward (naturally), I put my name down flipped it and reversed it = went backwards! LIKE AN IDIOT!!! Outlook not good – the noise said it all.  I hit a freakin parked car.  A completely dented/rusted/scratched up parked car, but a parked car nonetheless.  Really?  C’mon! My brand new car = big dent and crack.  Beater car got another dent to add to it’s collection.  Honestly, I could have not said anything and the owner probably would never even had known – that’s how dented up it already was…But, I left a note.  Damn you O’Neill!! A tail spin of BS, negotiating and paying the price for crap is what resulted.  THATS 2 for 2!!!  And leaves 1 more…and so it did…the next day.  I had been on my way to meet up with some friends when I decided to test my luck, LIKE AN IDIOT, yet again!!!  Parking in a questionable parking lot b/c everyone else was (yeah yeah yeah) = TOWAGE!   At that point, what the hell… just keep it!   Thats when the flooding of tear drops and despair reared it’s ugly swollen head.  I was a hot mess.  All that being said, I knew at some point I’d be able to look back and laugh so I made sure to strike a pose and get some photos documenting the shenanigans of it all.

The Pliers! A full set

Breakdown #1 - Luckily it landed me here. Fate?

At least I got Fro Yo and an extra set of pliers!

Incident #2 - Bumper Cars

Incident #3 - Rescuing my car from the pound

I woke up the next morning and realized that the last 7 days had put me roughly 1k in the hole – and left a permanent reminder (aka dent) in my cars bootay and my wallet.  So naturally 😉  I did what any emotional girl would do…I turned to Leslie, creator of Bare Escentuals, in order to fix all my probs.  I had flipped on the TV at 7am that Sunday and saw Leslie’s face staring back at me.  She was like an old friend that resurfaced.  I felt like we’d been friends forever.  She was basically telling me all my troubles would be much better if I had flawless glowing skin with the bare escentuals. Boy oh boy, that woman was good.  I believed everything she was telling me, demonstrating, and promising.  I wanted those Bare Escentuals.  I need to have them.  I figured, shiiit…$29.99 is a bargain in comparison to everything else.  And I get a free mascara, from her spin-off line – btw.  So I did (Naturally, of course).  I  received.  I tried.  I tried again.  I watched the DVD.  I mixed up the basic steps.  When I finally got it right – still no bueno.  I used it for a few days and honestly, I was not impressed in the least. I had high hopes.  Friends had tried and liked and Leslie really had some convincing testimonials.  I thought this would replace MY bare essentials.  I had hoped it would be faster too. None of the above.  It took longer.  My skin felt dryer and tight – very tight.  The coverage seemed so heavy, yet, it wasn’t covering.  By the end of the day my face wasn’t looking to purdy.  No glows of any kind were happening.  LIES I tell you.  All lies.  In my opinion, it is not the #1 Makeup.  However, I know for some people it works great.  Just not for me 🙂

Not so Essential

My package of Bare Escentuals I was gladly returning

This is why Fro Yo is the smarter way to go.  A great option for immediate guilt-free indulgence and satisfaction. 1/4 of the cost and comes with a 5 minute spin-off therapy session from Ms. Carmelita – Fro Yo Dealer extraordinaire! Lesson Learned.

I actually returned the Bare Escentuals right away. I even sent back the free mascara because it was also, not good.  It made my lashes stiff and sticky.   I also realized, I have three ESSENTIALS of my own for delivering FULL COVERAGE with minimal makeup that takes 5 minutes flat.  Why wasn’t I satisfied or not trust my 29 years of makeup application on myself and others?  I think sometimes we need to prove what’s best for ourselves by trying out what’s best for other people.   And then Boo yeah!  It’s in the makeup bag baby and speaking of, I’ve included some of MY essentials for getting awesome, light weight, full GLOWING coverage. All of which are available at Target or any drug store and are much cheaper.

Mineral Power Natural Perfecting Concealer by Maybelline

Loose Powder by Sonia Kashuk

Mascara is by Fresh

Powder & Blush Brush by MAC

My makeup picks = Light weight, Great coverage






“You want to go where everyone knows your name and their always glad you came”

I live in LA, Hollywood if you will…don’t judge 😉  Here, everyone thinks they know the best “it” places to go and be seen – including me.  They also want to be the one that told you about it. Pshaw.  Can I be Frank? You can be beans! I don’t need to be seen by everyone, just the right people of course 😉 I like to go to places where I know the people (owners, frequent goers, bartenders,  etc), have great service, great product, great vibe and quite frankly (me again) on the verge of being the “it” place.  Because at that “it” point, it’s usually time for me to depart and find the next adventure.  However, when it’s a keeper…it’s a keeper and you deal with the “it” crap.  After awhile, it’s like an old married couple…comfortable, know what to expect, deal with the annoyances hoping it doesn’t last and when it’s good it’s good!  These are the places that I am married to and are a part of my weekly shenanigans.  So I thought I would share for you to go, do, taste!  Shenanigans await!

My top 5 favorite must-go/do/taste! Done and Done!

1. FOOD+LAB CAFE & MARKETPLACE– (breakfast, coffee, lunch, picnics, etc.) Mother and son owner. Both are hands on, always around, and delightful to socialize with.  Food is so fresh, clean, organic and flavorful.  This place rocks down to the serveware, presentation and vibe!  They also do delightful picnic baskets for the Hollywood bowl or get one before you head to a movie at Hollywood Cemetery – Fabulous!!

WHY IT HAD ME AT HELLO: Coffee is rich and delish. Treats are savory and sinful. Hands down great service.  It’s fresh, cozy, dog friendly and the son/owner is pretty cute too 😉   I actually choose to skip my usual Starbies run to come here instead.  And, being the diva that I am, I especially love that they always know my order because it makes me feel special 🙂

MUST TRYChicken Curry Salad & Roasted Vegetable and Goat Cheese Omelette

SIDE NOTE: Who else has a gallery of artists showcased in a restroom? Not many…so awesome!

**Check em out in weho – Santa Monica Blvd @ Poinsettia pl. (www.foodlabcatering.com)**

2. ARI-YA SUSHI – (din din please and thanks!) Formerly known as Mirakami.  Brandy introduced me to this sushi oasis – it’s been her go to place for many years. She even had a roll named after her (since she special ordered it to her liking every time).  The newest owner, Steve – he’s the guy you’ll find wearing the electronic name tag, is fantastic and makes sure we are happy. Even if it means teaching every single one of his employees how to make the “Brandy Roll” exactly how we like it.  (Steve, Brandy and I posed for a pic (left) last time we were in)
WHY I’M A SUCKER FOR THIS FISH: They welcome everyone and remember their frequent customers.  Our Brandy roll is ready within 2 min of us entering. And to their special/weird customers (moi) they give me an all you can eat giant bowl of ginger, yes!
MUST TRY: Brandy Roll (not on menu) – but be prepared, it’s DIY Sushi! Just have to add all the sides – trust me, it’s a burst of summer in your mouth!!  Also try Ono & the Ume She So Maki (my fav)
SIDE CATCH: I casually need to mention that this place is pretty cheap compared to all those other overpriced average sushi joints. So you can eat, be merry and also afford a Fro Yo after.
**Say hi to Steve!  In weho, Santa Monica/Huntley.  www.ari-ya.com**

3. BEVERLY PLACE FROZEN YOGURT (Dessert Heaven anyone??) Need I say more?  We all know how I feel about this place, if not, scroll down to past postings.  Serious Heaven in a bowl!
WHY I WILLINGLY SUFFER DAILY BRAIN FREEZES: Spoonfuls of Icy tasty goodness in my mouth.  Orgasmic:)  Only 8-9 calories per ounze = give me the large and in charge please.  Ahhh, so good that words cannot describe.
MUST TRY: The Carbo8 Peanut butter.
SIDE TASTE TEST: Be prepared to get some 1 on 1 with the owner – she’s a firecracker. She knows me too well, so if you mention my name you’ll get special treatment 😉  Otherwise, enjoy the adventure.  muahahaha!

**(In shopping center on corner of Beverly blvd/Crescent Heights)**

4. ROGER ROOM (“yes” please) Like creatures of habit, we hit this place every Thursday evening.  Awesome atmosphere (feels old school, hidden, private with a hint of manly glam), insane menu of the craziest & tastiest drink concoctions and of course, the coolest most attentive — okay fine and attractive–bartenders.  We like to belly up to the bar with the best bartender in town, also my neighbor, Adrian.  Tye and Will are pretty awesome too – but Adrian is your tour guide to fun.  Shenanigans happen here!!
WHY I ROGER THAT: Besides the little monkey’s hanging from each drink (pretty awesome)…I love that we get kick ass service every time, enjoy friendly bartenders and end up knowing almost everyone’s name in the bar by end of night.  It’s Laura, Eden and I’s go-to bar (we like to make sure to invite our special guests).
MUST GUZZLE: 4 aces (has basil in it) – it’s like spaghetti, but not.
SIDE SHOT:  If you can’t decide on a drink or have your own idea, tell em what you like and they’ll either suggest one or make it up as they go.  If you don’t like it, they’ll make you another.  Eden made up her drink called “East of Eden”- although we can’t seem to remember what’s in it – but let’s just say it was damn good!
FREE SHOT:  The cocktails can be a bit on the pricier side but they pour heavy – real heavy 🙂   Regardless, this place is a must for us-Wed/Thursday!  The weekend, however, is a bit too nutty for my style.  Probably because it’s already hit the “it” status.
**La Cienega/Oakwood** (that’s me (left) in Roger Room Bathroom  having Shenanigans)

5. VENOKADO (wine, gifts, tastings…love it!) – Family owned hip chic wine shop right on Fountain.  Tracy, Molly and her sister Susan.  Always there, always a delight.  They have some of the best wine ranging from all prices.  They really know their stuff.
WHY I’M ADDICTED: It’s a one stop shop.  Wine, wine tastings and super chic and fresh gifts & accoutrements.  They always create the coolest, sleekest gift packages ever — clients, friends, family, babies, etc.  They will custom make a basket with you and it always turns out absolutely fantastic. Every single time I get a gift, they do something different and make it so unique—I get nothing but “ooh’s and ahhh’s” – TRUST 🙂   It’s my go to wine stop for everything, especially if I’m in a hurry and running to a bday or dinner party.  I have to admit, even great to stop in on way home to grab a bottle for a much needed PM cocktail 😉
SIDE OF GRAPES & CHEESE: Get off the wagon because the Backyard Wine Tastings on selected Sunday’s are delightfully fantastical.
**In weho on Fountain Ave.  http://venokado.com/**

I wish I knew how to quit you Fro Yo!!

FRO-PRO?  PRO-FRO? or FRO-HO?  That is the question….(brace yourself)

If you know me at all you know that i’ve developed somewhat of an addiction for my Fro-Yo.  Okay, maybe it’s spiraled into more of a think about it everyday and night, go out of my way just to get a taste, owner knows me by name, go through a frequent buyer card once a week, skip a real meal to have Fro Yo instead, buy 32 oz sizes for freezer so I can eat it anytime I want, kind of an addiction.  It’s really not that serious. Seriously.

FRO-YO you ask?  What is that? Fro-Yo is a fancy name for Frozen Yogurt.  It just rolls off of the tongue better.  “Hey Bob! Let’s go get some delicious Fro-Yo” or  “Betty, doesn’t that Fro-Yo make you melt?” or “I need some Fro-Yo for the road, yo!” Really, the options are endless.  But Fro-Yo isn’t the same everywhere.  Oh no!  The kind I speak of has to be sought out!

Let me back it up and break it down in Fro-Yo terms:
1. There’s the icy tart kind that have a hint of sourness and more often then not have more of the fruity flavors. Usually not as much of a selection.(ie. Pink Berry, Red Mango, YogoTango, etc. )
2. There’s the all you can eat kind (buffet dessert bar if you will) that is a more creamy texture with flavors up the ying yang – these are the hidden fat machines. (ie. Yogurtland, Berry Swirl, etc.)
3. There’s the Stay Away – Full Fat/rich/really creamy, make you think it’s a healthy treat but seriously high in calories kind.  Usually these places also serve real Ice-Cream. (TCBY, Baskin Robbins (new and improved, etc.)
4. Then there’s the not even Frozen Yogurt whole days worth of calories kind.  The kind that are shockingly still in business because it’s so wrong how unhealthy they are and with all these other healthier options, it’s not worth it! Trust me.  I know. (ie. Cold Stone Creamery, Haagen Dazs, Dairy Queen, Baskin Robbins, etc.) You know these well as most of us grew up with them.
5. And Last but definitely not least – THE BEST KIND.  MY KIND. The CARBO8 and DREAM DELITE kind. Even WOW COW. Super low cal,  low carb and sugar free (Carbo8).  These have ONLY 8 or 9 calories per oz depending on brand – yes you heard me. I know :).  There are lots of ever changing delciously fun and fabulous flavors.  Not too rich, no sugar free empty taste (some flavors can though) and depending on the flavor can be creamy or icy.  Great to freeze and thaw out for next day.  You can usually find this kind of Fro-Yo in local Fro-Yo shops (mainly in LA area). They will advertise these brands if they have it so you will know. (ie. Beverly Frozen Yogurt, Angelina, Toppers, Studio Yogurt)

Now that you know the differences (very important) let’s talk about #5. THE BEST KIND.  MY KIND.  FRO-YO at it’s finest!
Ick, you may be thinking…but sshhh, don’t speak, not right now, just wait.  I have converted almost EVERY person that has doubted it’s true beauty.  I kid not! When it comes to Fro-Yo, this ain’t my first rodeo!  I don’t mess around.  What’s not to love about this heaven in a cup?  Bursts of cold creamy flavors in your mouth and need I mention again, you can have massive amounts – at roughly 8cal/oz you can eat a large (about 15oz) with no toppings for only 120 calories. Regular frozen yogurt or low fat ice cream has 120 calories for a measly 4oz (makes me shed a tear).

My favorite place to go is on Beverly Blvd/Crescent Heights.  BEVERLY PLACE FROZEN YOGURT is the name but the sign just says Frozen Yogurt.  It’s a secret, the only way one catches on is by word of mouth or noticing all the skinny models and actors that go in and out with brown paper bags.  I’m just sayin 😉  Sandwiched right in between Sushi Time and China Bistro, lies my home away from home.  The lady that owns it is quite the character and she’s loaded with personality. It’s an adventure everytime I go in.  She’s a sweet lady that knows me by name and let’s me sample every flavor each time I come in – like everyday.
At Beverly Place, they carry WOW COW (more creamy) and CARBO8. They also do smoothies, sandwiches, coffee – but to be honest – I only speak Fro-Yo.  They usually carry about 4 flavors of the Carbo8 but they are constantly switching it up. Trickery to keep you coming back for more.  A surprise in every visit. Flavors that come and go and come back are: tripple chocolate, tart, taro, strawberry, blueberry cheescake, green tea, peach, maple nut, etc. One remains the same, PEANUT BUTTER.   The taste is AMAZING.  Amazingly orgasmic.  Ummm, seriously.  Happiness in every bite or lick 😉 I will seriously swing by and get a cup of Fro Yo to Go Go for lunch.  It’s so good when it hits my lips. One can’t deny a giant 10 oz tasty treat that is under 100cal.  Load on some fresh fruit, carab chips and even some granola/nuts and still have a healthy treat.  Okay fine, if you’re weaning yourself off the Cold Stone Creamery then load on some Captain Crunch, sprinkles and even chocolate chips.  Just don’t go too crazy.

FRO-YO to GO GO (take it to go):
– I love to get the 32 oz of my fav (Peanut Butter) to go and freeze it.  I even like the texture better after it’s frozen.  Just let it thaw for about 5-10 min and scoop out a few spoonfuls.  Have it anytime you want!
– I’ve gotten multiple flavors to go for dinner parties, bridal/baby showers, birthday parties, etc.  Bring fresh strawberries and fruit.  Serve in cute containers, top w/fruit or other goodies.  Low cal, low sugar, guilt-free treat for parties.

If you can’t make it to the best place ever or can’t find the Fro-Yo brands I speak of, fear not!!!  DIY baby.  DIY.

So one of my besty sexy plexy’s, Kira, got a Frozen Yogurt Maker for a wedding gift.  I think I went more crazy excited than she did. She’s more of a Margarator kind of a girl.  Make your own Fro-Yo?  Do my eyes play tricks? How did I not know of this product?  Put anything and everything in this machine of glory!  Secretly I was hoping I’d be scoring a new machine from her so I was trying to control my excitement (muahaha I got some tricks up my sleeve as well).  Pshaw, she caught on fast.  Next thing you know, she’s a FRO-HO!  hahahaha (I think I’m so funny sometimes)

Let me tell you, this machine is amazing!  It takes some experimenting, but man, it works.  Lately, whenever I head over to Kira’s, I get this crazy look in my eye and she knows.  It’s Fro-Yo time!  Then when our other bestie Amy heads over, it’s Fro Yo Shenanigans in the making.  Literally. Even the boys are drooling.  We go off recipes, we make it up as we go along and calculate calories.  It’s really as easy as 1-2-3.   However, it seems to taste better fresh, doesn’t freeze and thaw well. This also could be because we tend to make the more healthy, less sugar/etc. type of recipes which could play a factor in how it freezes.  That’s okay, 1 batch doesn’t last long in Kira’s house 🙂  Miss Amy loves it so much that she has informed me that she has just purchased the machine of gold.  Jealousy.

Some recipes/flavors to try in the Frozen Yogurt Maker:
Raspberry-Chocolate Chip Frozen Yogurt http://www.eatingwell.com/recipes/raspberry_chocolate_chip_frozen_yogurt.html
Pineapple-Coconut Sorbet http://www.fitnessmagazine.com/recipes/recipecomdetail.jsp?recipeId=25100877

Below are some Pictures of my Fro Yo experiences:

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