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Work it!

I have a little bit of an obsession (no it’s not just Fro Yo) it’s with all things food and exercise which has me constantly searching out and successfully retaining random Tid Bits of information. ¬†There’s only so much I can blab to my friends and family about before they want to sock me. Except for Amy-my Twin, but that’s because she’s just like me, however, much taller and not as crazy ūüėČ ¬†Whom, btw, will soon be co-blogging food and fitness Fit Bits on TidBits – so stay tuned. So since my friends and family are constantly telling me to quit my jibber jabber (yes, that was a Mr.T reference) and because I’m single and ready to mingle, I’m basically left with my dog or my blog. ¬†And let’s face it, my dog pretends to care but I can sense she doesn’t want to hear it – plus, I’m not one of those dog owners;). And since my pup has been straddling the fluffier side of the fence these days, I’m sure she doesn’t care about my stinkin’ FIT BITS

That being said, here’s some random fun TidBits that I’m throwing out into the blogosphere – catch it if you can.
#1. So you want to get lose a few lbs? ¬†It’s hard to know how much you need to cut out or make sure to eat in order to drop it like it’s hot. ¬† I’m a firm believer in sticking to a healthy lifestyle as a way of life instead of dieting just to lose weight for weight sake. ¬†However, here is a basic formula that puts you in the ‘area’ of how many calories to eat to help get you losin. Remember, it varies by amount of exercise and each persons body type.
FIT BIT: Your weight x 18 – 500 = about how many calories you need to loose a pound a week – if exercising.
#2.  Need to stay on track with eating and exercise?  Want motivation and tips? Need a Fit tool that does it all for you? Done and Done!


FIT BIT: My absolute favorite app – hook line and sinker and perhaps has me more obsessed than Facebook is MYFITNESSPAL (also – myfitnesspal.com). ¬†It helps me keep track of my calories/fat/carbs/protein, exercise, recipes and allows you to talk to network/friend other people on the site so you can share tips and motivation. Nothing’s more motivating then seeing a post that your bff ¬†did 60 min of awesome cardio while you slept in – makes you want to get out of bed and one up that biatch ūüėČ Some friendly competition never hurt anyone.¬†¬†It’s absolutely my favorite thing – I think I’m more disciplined with Myfitnesspal than I am with balancing my checkbook. ¬†Knowing you can look up any food and see the nutrition info and track what you’ve eaten, input ingredients of a recipe and have it tell you the serving calories – all is very empowering and allows you to control what you put in your mouth. ¬† ¬†Needless to say, I’ve gotten a ton of friends & co-workers (and guys) addicted to it as well. ¬†Check out this great tool.
#3. Want to rev up your metabolism and lose weight? ¬†DON’T SKIP BREAKY!! ¬†You will hear it time and time and time again – EAT BREAKFAST. ¬†It’s true. ¬†I didn’t start to finally lose weight until I started eating breakfast. ¬†Trust, I used to think it was awesome that I could hold out until 3pm to eat because I wasn’t hungry – until I realized it basically shuts down your metabolism – hindering you from losing weight!
FIT BIT: Regularly skipping breakfast increases the risk of obesity by 450%.  Yeah, how about them apples!
#4. Lifting Weights is KEY to losing weight – period. ¬†No you will not look like the incredible hulk – well, if your lifting heavy amounts you might. ¬†I’m prone to looking like the mini hulk (seriously) so I just make sure to keep it at 5-8lbs and do a lot of reps. ¬†I was doing tons of cardio and the weight wasn’t coming off very fast – a turtle was burning more lbs then me. I thought lifting weights would make me thicker and weigh more. But when I noticed all the skinny bitches at the gym were, I took note. ¬†Finally, I started eating breakfast and lifting combined with cardio and eating healthy. ¬†The pounds started melting off.
FIT BIT: Weight training is an ultimate fat fighter.  Research shows a single weight training session can spike your calorie burn for up to 39 hours after you lift.  The more muscle you have, the better your body uses nutrients you consume and less likely to store food as fat.
#5. Eating your veggies doesn’t just make you taller (trust me I have first hand experience – all lies;)) However, here’s a fun FIT BIT: Did you know that carrots can clear up breakouts? Kinda cool huh.
Just don’t over do it or you run the risk of looking like an umpa loompa and they are also a veggie that’s high in sugar – too much and your calories will sky rocket.
#6. Wanting it isn’t enough. FIT BIT: You gotta do the work to lose the weight. ¬†When you retrain your brain and have a different mindset – you’ll kick yourself when you realize it’s a lot easier than you thought to lose the weight. ¬†All those times when you ask – how did you do it? What’s your secret? ¬†There is none. ¬†It really is basic math of what you put in your mouth and what you exert. ¬†Put good things into your body and keep moving = Weightloss. ¬†I struggled with that mindset as I did with the weight itself my whole life – be that 10lbs or the freshman 40 (they lied when they said it was only 30). ¬†My dad would always say – “you gotta wanna and you don’t want it bad enough!” I wanted to smack him every time he said that – oh how I did! I wanted to lose the weight more than anything. ¬†Then It clicked while watching Bob Greene on Oprah. ¬†He said, you can want it all you want – but you HAVE TO BE WILLING TO DO WHAT IT TAKES to lose the weight. ¬†That was my Ah Ha moment!
I can proudly say I’ve lost about 55lbs since 2004/2005 – it took over a year to really get a good chunk of it off – but officially 2007 was my golden year of getting to where I wanted. ¬†I’ve kept it off for over 4 years and I live a healthy lifestyle full of good indulgences (okay, maybe my froyo addiction has gotten out of hand) but I will now always remain FIT 4 LIFE! If you ever need advice or more tools to help you to get Fit 4 Life – please post a comment!
Random FIT BITS from Mens Health, Women’s Health, Fitness and my basic experiences.

“It’s been a long time, I shouldn’t have left you…”

“Now I don’t mean to step you…Step one, Step two”
Not quite sure how that song goes but it’s something of that sorts. Hopefully you get the drift ūüėČ

It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged and trust me when I say it’s been hard. I’ve got all these posts started, stories and tips to tell, ideas and photos to share but haven’t had the time this month to fully dedicate to getting them up and organized on this thing.

My lame excuse is simple; I was working. I’ve been freelancing this past month, getting back into the old gig so to speak. ¬†Basically, I had an opportunity to fill in for someone doing what I used to do just at a different company. ¬†It was a chance to see if I wanted to make the leap back in the industry. What industry do you dare to ask? The Theatrical Advertising Industry – where we make Movie Trailers. I will say, it was a fantastic month working at a fantastic company (MOTIVE CREATIVE) with some fantastic people . So in a nutshell, the gig was fantastic. It was great getting to work at a company with some old friends and amazing creative talent. The flair didn’t stop there, ¬†it expanded right outside Motive where I got the opportunity to get up close and personal with THE ETHER: A group of ¬†innovative, design visionaries. ¬†I also liked to refer to them as, a kick ass graphics team led by Greg Kupiec. ¬†For a snippet of what we’ve been doing all month, amongst a ton of other things, check out the 127 Hours Trailer hot off the press. Billy (owner/editor/producer) at¬†Motive Creative made an emotional, gut wrenching and inspirational piece (trailer) for 127 HOURS starring the crazy sexy cool, James Franco. The movie is based on an amazing true story of Aaron Ralston and how he had to cut off his own arm when he got stuck in a canyon. ¬†Actually, Motive did the Teaser too. ¬†But while I was there it was just the Trailer we worked on – and it’s my favorite of the two. When I started there and saw a cut of the trailer for the first time, I shed a some tears, sweat and got goose bumps. ¬†All from a movie trailer! DAMN. Oh and let’s not forget to mention the music cue showcased called “The Funeral” by Band of Horse – just makes that piece fly! ¬†Anyway, it was a great experience getting to work on all the projects and definitely made me realize I could jump back in the business if it was with the right place. Check out the trailer that literally was just put up on apple: http://trailers.apple.com/trailers/fox_searchlight/127hours/


Check out the new Trailer


That being said, I was working all month and happened to hit it at an insanely busy time that equated to very long hours. ¬†By all means, I was more than happy to work those hours for the time being, however, that is why I left you for a bit. ¬†I didn’t have the time and when I did have the time, I didn’t have the energy to make sense of my thoughts. ¬†My vow to not let my blog hang by the wayside, did in fact, hang out for a bit. ¬†Just a bit. ¬†A TID BIT!

Have no fear, stay tuned – very soon – for all sorts of goods…good stuff, that is! ¬†I won’t let you down. ¬†Here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect:

WHAT’S EATING YOU?? –¬†Food, food, food, dessert, food and more food (all low cal recipes/ideas of course)


HOSTESS WITH THE MOSTESS (Host & Houseguest tips – through the eyes of moi)



MY TOP DATE PLACES (if i were to actually date ;))



MUCH MUCH MORE!!!! ¬†Seriously, it’s going to be a blog storm! So check back and keep reading. ¬†Comments are always welcome too…

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