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Work it!

I have a little bit of an obsession (no it’s not just Fro Yo) it’s with all things food and exercise which has me constantly searching out and successfully retaining random Tid Bits of information. ¬†There’s only so much I can blab to my friends and family about before they want to sock me. Except for Amy-my Twin, but that’s because she’s just like me, however, much taller and not as crazy ūüėČ ¬†Whom, btw, will soon be co-blogging food and fitness Fit Bits on TidBits – so stay tuned. So since my friends and family are constantly telling me to quit my jibber jabber (yes, that was a Mr.T reference) and because I’m single and ready to mingle, I’m basically left with my dog or my blog. ¬†And let’s face it, my dog pretends to care but I can sense she doesn’t want to hear it – plus, I’m not one of those dog owners;). And since my pup has been straddling the fluffier side of the fence these days, I’m sure she doesn’t care about my stinkin’ FIT BITS

That being said, here’s some random fun TidBits that I’m throwing out into the blogosphere – catch it if you can.
#1. So you want to get lose a few lbs? ¬†It’s hard to know how much you need to cut out or make sure to eat in order to drop it like it’s hot. ¬† I’m a firm believer in sticking to a healthy lifestyle as a way of life instead of dieting just to lose weight for weight sake. ¬†However, here is a basic formula that puts you in the ‘area’ of how many calories to eat to help get you losin. Remember, it varies by amount of exercise and each persons body type.
FIT BIT: Your weight x 18 – 500 = about how many calories you need to loose a pound a week – if exercising.
#2.  Need to stay on track with eating and exercise?  Want motivation and tips? Need a Fit tool that does it all for you? Done and Done!


FIT BIT: My absolute favorite app – hook line and sinker and perhaps has me more obsessed than Facebook is MYFITNESSPAL (also – myfitnesspal.com). ¬†It helps me keep track of my calories/fat/carbs/protein, exercise, recipes and allows you to talk to network/friend other people on the site so you can share tips and motivation. Nothing’s more motivating then seeing a post that your bff ¬†did 60 min of awesome cardio while you slept in – makes you want to get out of bed and one up that biatch ūüėČ Some friendly competition never hurt anyone.¬†¬†It’s absolutely my favorite thing – I think I’m more disciplined with Myfitnesspal than I am with balancing my checkbook. ¬†Knowing you can look up any food and see the nutrition info and track what you’ve eaten, input ingredients of a recipe and have it tell you the serving calories – all is very empowering and allows you to control what you put in your mouth. ¬† ¬†Needless to say, I’ve gotten a ton of friends & co-workers (and guys) addicted to it as well. ¬†Check out this great tool.
#3. Want to rev up your metabolism and lose weight? ¬†DON’T SKIP BREAKY!! ¬†You will hear it time and time and time again – EAT BREAKFAST. ¬†It’s true. ¬†I didn’t start to finally lose weight until I started eating breakfast. ¬†Trust, I used to think it was awesome that I could hold out until 3pm to eat because I wasn’t hungry – until I realized it basically shuts down your metabolism – hindering you from losing weight!
FIT BIT: Regularly skipping breakfast increases the risk of obesity by 450%.  Yeah, how about them apples!
#4. Lifting Weights is KEY to losing weight – period. ¬†No you will not look like the incredible hulk – well, if your lifting heavy amounts you might. ¬†I’m prone to looking like the mini hulk (seriously) so I just make sure to keep it at 5-8lbs and do a lot of reps. ¬†I was doing tons of cardio and the weight wasn’t coming off very fast – a turtle was burning more lbs then me. I thought lifting weights would make me thicker and weigh more. But when I noticed all the skinny bitches at the gym were, I took note. ¬†Finally, I started eating breakfast and lifting combined with cardio and eating healthy. ¬†The pounds started melting off.
FIT BIT: Weight training is an ultimate fat fighter.  Research shows a single weight training session can spike your calorie burn for up to 39 hours after you lift.  The more muscle you have, the better your body uses nutrients you consume and less likely to store food as fat.
#5. Eating your veggies doesn’t just make you taller (trust me I have first hand experience – all lies;)) However, here’s a fun FIT BIT: Did you know that carrots can clear up breakouts? Kinda cool huh.
Just don’t over do it or you run the risk of looking like an umpa loompa and they are also a veggie that’s high in sugar – too much and your calories will sky rocket.
#6. Wanting it isn’t enough. FIT BIT: You gotta do the work to lose the weight. ¬†When you retrain your brain and have a different mindset – you’ll kick yourself when you realize it’s a lot easier than you thought to lose the weight. ¬†All those times when you ask – how did you do it? What’s your secret? ¬†There is none. ¬†It really is basic math of what you put in your mouth and what you exert. ¬†Put good things into your body and keep moving = Weightloss. ¬†I struggled with that mindset as I did with the weight itself my whole life – be that 10lbs or the freshman 40 (they lied when they said it was only 30). ¬†My dad would always say – “you gotta wanna and you don’t want it bad enough!” I wanted to smack him every time he said that – oh how I did! I wanted to lose the weight more than anything. ¬†Then It clicked while watching Bob Greene on Oprah. ¬†He said, you can want it all you want – but you HAVE TO BE WILLING TO DO WHAT IT TAKES to lose the weight. ¬†That was my Ah Ha moment!
I can proudly say I’ve lost about 55lbs since 2004/2005 – it took over a year to really get a good chunk of it off – but officially 2007 was my golden year of getting to where I wanted. ¬†I’ve kept it off for over 4 years and I live a healthy lifestyle full of good indulgences (okay, maybe my froyo addiction has gotten out of hand) but I will now always remain FIT 4 LIFE! If you ever need advice or more tools to help you to get Fit 4 Life – please post a comment!
Random FIT BITS from Mens Health, Women’s Health, Fitness and my basic experiences.

Can I getta SCOOP…

Baby take a ride in my coupe…you make me want to FRO YO, FRO YO, FRO YO!

Perhaps I’m bringing addiction to a whole new level. Perhaps, but I’m okay with that. If Carbo-lite ¬†8 cals/oz Fro Yo deliciousness makes me happy, then so be it! There could be a lot worse things.

I think a huge part of my addiction is my fro yo dealer, Carmelita. She’s keeps me coming back – that and the fact that she always let’s me choose what new flavors she switches up and then there’s the awesome, I mean awesome tub of fro yo for such low calories (unlike most of the Frozen Yogurt Chains). It’s also a good feeling to know the owners of our local small businesses¬†bond with their customers and actually¬†care about them. Carmelita has turned into such a great friend – she knows when I’m having a bad day, gives me guy advice (which is – don’t date men in west hollywood ;)), asks how my day was and actually wants to hear the answer, lets me taste every flavor over and over again and most of all – doesn’t judge my Fro Yo addiction! ¬†If you’re feeling the lick of deliciousness and want a friendly face – go visit Carmelita at Beverly Frozen Yogurt in shopping center on corner of Beverly & Crescent Heights.

Here’s my *BIT¬†TIP – it’s good to have a BIT of soft serve at the shop, but I think it’s better & cheaper (get biggest size) and take it home and refreeze it. ¬†Take it out about 5-10 before you are gonna eat or scoop out a few TidBits – it’s perfect. ¬†Not too soft, a little icy, flavorful – PERFECTION. ¬†I think refreezing taste better, eat slower and doesn’t hurt your tum tum. ¬†I took it to the last girls night gathering – OMG – it was like crows attacking, caw caw caw!

I love my local Fro Yo joint and can’t wait to for my¬†TidBits & Bites to bring my FroYo 2 GoGo to everyone in Los Angeles area. Keep your eyes peeled, I’ll be in my “mini” FroYo-2-GoGo Mobile. Come follow me on Twitter to witness my FroYo shenanigans first hand and much more – trust!¬†http://twitter.com/#!/SoTidBits

Until then (which will be soon), here’s some pics that show that THE PROOF IS DEFINITELY IN THE FRO YO!

**The flavors I chose today were: pistachio nut (by request), peanut butter (the best EVA), Maple Walnut, Almond nut**

FroYo Addiction

Don't judge my Fro-Yo addiction ūüėČ

Couldn't decide so I got many: Pistachio, Peanut Butter, Maple Walnut, Almond Nut

At my favorite local shop w/Carmelita: Beverly Frozen Yogurt

SUMMER BBQ: Healthy Style Meets High Class!

If you haven’t caught on, I’m a pretty intense healthy eater. ¬†When it became my turn to host this month’s ‘Girls Night Dinner Extravaganza’, I was panicked to find a healthy yet fun theme everyone would be able to contribute to and that they would actually want to eat. ¬†And because it finally felt like summer, ¬†I wanted to be able to dine outside under pretty white lights, snack on healthy tasty bites all while drinking cool refreshing cocktails participating in fabulous girl talk! ¬†My goal was simple, to be surrounded by summer elegance – whatever that is. ¬†A challenge perhaps, being that I live in a 300 sqft studio apartment, but that was a challenge I took on and a ambience I was determined to create.

Summer evening, perfect. ¬†Outside dining, genius. ¬†Menu theme, ? I needed something easy to prep, easy to eat, fresh, fun and HEALTHY! Perhaps a summer BBQ? ¬†Oh wait, did I mention I don’t eat chicken or beef nor do I own a grill! ¬†Yeah, posed a bit of a problem, more of a challenge really. A creative food challenge so to speak.¬†That being said, I came up with the most random theme and sent it out to the ladies. ¬†Theme:¬†SUMMER BBQ: Healthy Style Meets High Class! I bet you are wondering how you have a BBQ without the chicken or beef being the main attraction, let alone having much of a cameo? ¬†Well, a little bit of thinking outside the box is all it took!

Everyone was IN and excited to take on this “summer bbq (but not)” challenge! My sexy plexy’s were throwing out great ideas left and right. ¬†A fabulous lady in particular, Jinnie – who works for the owner of an amazing restaurant in LA called LA POUBELLE, suggested Panini’s on the Foreman Grill in place of the same ole burgers & hotdogs. GENIUS! ¬†Off the top of her head, she ran through a list of ingredients that would create everlasting, mouthwatering bursts of flavors in our mouth. ¬†Panini heaven. Yes! ¬†Yes! And more YES! ¬†That was just the beginning. ¬†My neighbor got wind of our ladies night and had the perfect summer cold soup idea. ¬†Perhaps “HE” was only interested because he knew he’d be surrounded by some of the prettiest ladies ;), regardless, he was determined to recreate and per-fect a Cold Cucumber Soup he had the pleasure of eating while dining at AMMO, another great restaurant in Hollywood. ¬†The ideas & suggestions kept rolling in. ¬†Everyone embraced the theme.

(Full Menu is posted at the bottom)

A few of my bestest ladies came over early to help work on the food setup and the creation of Summer Elegance – an atmoshphere I was determined to achieve. INSIDE: I¬†created a bar area filled with white wine spritzers, lambrusco and red wine. ¬†Wine glasses of all different sizes were set out and filled with dried hibiscus flowers that bloomed like pretty pink spiders once drenched in delectable sparkling white wine (Amy’s genius move). ¬†Another table was dedicated to our savory bites and adorned with cute little signs showcasing the dish name and the calorie count (Another one of Amy’s genius and adorable ideas). ¬†OUTSIDE: ¬†We threw white lights on the bushes, showered the whole area with candles, laid blankets on the lawn and brought out a cute shabby chic round chair/table for drinks.

IT was ON!  SUMMER BBQ: Healthy Style Meets High Class! Done and Done.
Thanks to the most amazing sexy plexies “Girls Night Dinner Extravaganza” was a GIANT SUCCES! ¬†They all contributed to the menu with fantastic eats and drinks! ¬†Most importantly, we had so much fun because they all came over and we celebrated our friendships. ¬†(A little bit of cheese was needed here – what? technically cheesy is a long the food theme blog topic ;)) ¬†Shout out to all my sexy plexies: Eden, Amy, Kira, Kate,¬†Jade, Ryan, Andra and Jinnie for her Panini contributions.

SUMMER BBQ: Healthy Style Meets High Class! (MENU):

  • Cold Cucumber Soup (100 cal – 1 cup)
  • Endive, carmelized pears, cheese with toasted pecan appetizer (45cal)
  • Vegetarian stuffed mushroooms (25cal)
  • Watermelon slices
  • Boiled Shrimp – Large (tossed lightly in 1 tbsp olive oil & Old Bay Seasoning)
  • Corn on Cobb (1 inch x 1 inch bite size pieces & tossed in light olive oil, Salt & Pepper)
  • PANINI’S: Sourdough bread/ Peaches/ Prosciutto (optional)/swiss cheese/grilled eggplant & zucchini/spinach/mushrooms /red pepper /Fat-Free Mayo or Olive Tapenade (optional). ¬†Use any of these ingredients at your liking.
  • Bowls of chocolate covered blueberries & pomegranate for tasting ūüėČ
  • Giant Mixed Berry Fruit Salad

Mexican Bruschetta!

When Italian meets for a vacation in Mexico!

I’m ALWAYS rummaging through my cupboards or fridge for a snack, I know, shocker! ¬†The easy-grab fruits and veggies didn’t sound good – I wanted something filling and fresh for my tasters. ¬†I think I had Bruschetta on the brain, probably due to watching The Real Housewives of New Jersey Marathon – the best. ¬†So I got creative-ish and pulled together some of my new and old Trader Joe’s favorites. ¬†Ak Mak’s (100% whole wheat sesame crackers), Fat Free Spicy Black Bean Dip, Fresh Pico De Gallo (mild), and lastly Cherry Tomatoes.

Put all those items together and Voila! Mexican Bruschetta! Seriously, Delish! Really Easy! Filling! Even better, looks pretty & uber LOW CAL/HEALTHY.  I thought this could be a strong contender of what I could bring to the next Girls Night Dinner.  Done and Done.  See below for the easiest healthy snack recipe!

For 2 whole crackers loaded with the goods, about 75cals.


1. Take 2 Ak Mak Sesame Crackers (Trader Joes – 100% Whole wheat)

2. Spread a thin layer of Fat Free Spicy Black Bean Dip on each (Trader Joes)

3. Slice a few cherry tomatoes and layer, flat side down.

4.  Scoop on Fresh Pico De Gallo Salsa over the whole cracker

5. ¬†(Optional) Sprinkle on some Cinnamon – I’m obsessed with cinnamon and like the flavor combined with salsa (I add it to everything), however, option out if unsure ūüėČ

Make 2 for a snack (75cals).  4-5 for an appetizer.  A whole box for a dinner party.


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