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I’m going on a temporary-ish Shenanigan Recess/Haitus/break from “Hard Core” blogging. I’ll still be blogging, just not as often and as much in depth stories as I’d like. I’ve been slacking this last month and I need to call attention to it.

Currently I’m balls to the wall trying to get TidBits: A Choice Morsel (FroYo & Treats) up and running full throttle.  Between TidBits and work it’s been hard to remember what I ate for lunch, let alone a good juicy funny to share with you all.  Let’s put it this way, my hair has suffered dearly. I have roots that are three inches unacceptable and a mane that could be mistaken for a horse.  I need time to get a haircut, then I can blog about the disaster & tears that will follow.

I’ll definitely post updates, random bits of information or things that catch my attention, perhaps even a funny if worthy of the adventures in Shawnanigans title.  However, they will be spontaneous and sporadic for the next couple weeks.

But continue to check in often as you never know what you’ll find;)  My twitter is constantly updating so make sure to follow me or check in to the TidBits blog page for the updates on the side bar.

Don’t leave me – just be patient for the time lapse that may happen in between. When I dangle free batches of brikkle and FroYo you’ll be quick to forgive. 🙂

I’ll be keeping you posted soon!


SO tidbits


Can I getta SCOOP…

Baby take a ride in my coupe…you make me want to FRO YO, FRO YO, FRO YO!

Perhaps I’m bringing addiction to a whole new level. Perhaps, but I’m okay with that. If Carbo-lite  8 cals/oz Fro Yo deliciousness makes me happy, then so be it! There could be a lot worse things.

I think a huge part of my addiction is my fro yo dealer, Carmelita. She’s keeps me coming back – that and the fact that she always let’s me choose what new flavors she switches up and then there’s the awesome, I mean awesome tub of fro yo for such low calories (unlike most of the Frozen Yogurt Chains). It’s also a good feeling to know the owners of our local small businesses bond with their customers and actually care about them. Carmelita has turned into such a great friend – she knows when I’m having a bad day, gives me guy advice (which is – don’t date men in west hollywood ;)), asks how my day was and actually wants to hear the answer, lets me taste every flavor over and over again and most of all – doesn’t judge my Fro Yo addiction!  If you’re feeling the lick of deliciousness and want a friendly face – go visit Carmelita at Beverly Frozen Yogurt in shopping center on corner of Beverly & Crescent Heights.

Here’s my *BIT TIP – it’s good to have a BIT of soft serve at the shop, but I think it’s better & cheaper (get biggest size) and take it home and refreeze it.  Take it out about 5-10 before you are gonna eat or scoop out a few TidBits – it’s perfect.  Not too soft, a little icy, flavorful – PERFECTION.  I think refreezing taste better, eat slower and doesn’t hurt your tum tum.  I took it to the last girls night gathering – OMG – it was like crows attacking, caw caw caw!

I love my local Fro Yo joint and can’t wait to for my TidBits & Bites to bring my FroYo 2 GoGo to everyone in Los Angeles area. Keep your eyes peeled, I’ll be in my “mini” FroYo-2-GoGo Mobile. Come follow me on Twitter to witness my FroYo shenanigans first hand and much more – trust! http://twitter.com/#!/SoTidBits

Until then (which will be soon), here’s some pics that show that THE PROOF IS DEFINITELY IN THE FRO YO!

**The flavors I chose today were: pistachio nut (by request), peanut butter (the best EVA), Maple Walnut, Almond nut**

FroYo Addiction

Don't judge my Fro-Yo addiction 😉

Couldn't decide so I got many: Pistachio, Peanut Butter, Maple Walnut, Almond Nut

At my favorite local shop w/Carmelita: Beverly Frozen Yogurt

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