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I’m going on a temporary-ish Shenanigan Recess/Haitus/break from “Hard Core” blogging. I’ll still be blogging, just not as often and as much in depth stories as I’d like. I’ve been slacking this last month and I need to call attention to it.

Currently I’m balls to the wall trying to get TidBits: A Choice Morsel (FroYo & Treats) up and running full throttle.  Between TidBits and work it’s been hard to remember what I ate for lunch, let alone a good juicy funny to share with you all.  Let’s put it this way, my hair has suffered dearly. I have roots that are three inches unacceptable and a mane that could be mistaken for a horse.  I need time to get a haircut, then I can blog about the disaster & tears that will follow.

I’ll definitely post updates, random bits of information or things that catch my attention, perhaps even a funny if worthy of the adventures in Shawnanigans title.  However, they will be spontaneous and sporadic for the next couple weeks.

But continue to check in often as you never know what you’ll find;)  My twitter is constantly updating so make sure to follow me or check in to the TidBits blog page for the updates on the side bar.

Don’t leave me – just be patient for the time lapse that may happen in between. When I dangle free batches of brikkle and FroYo you’ll be quick to forgive. 🙂

I’ll be keeping you posted soon!


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